The automotive industry is currently undergoing that major change. The increased production and sale of electric vehicles, the development of self-driving cars, the shift from ownership to use with private lease and car-sharing concepts, urbanisation and crowing congestion problemes are resulting in new forms and suppliers of mobility.

The further ‘digitisation’ of vehicles is also accelerating. The car of the future will no longer have a driver: we will become passengers of our own vehicles. Will we combine logistics transport flows with the transport of people?

The sector is being turned upside down! This adds up to an uncertain future for the businesses and managers in the sector, but at the same time offers new opportunities. We offer services to make sure that organisations in this sector continue to utilise the sector’s potential and are able to overcome the problems and challenges of the industry.
Drawing on the global automotive network, we bring our Audit and Advisory professionals together to support customers wherever they are in the world.
Our services are focused on supporting companies in responding as well as possible to the important challenges facing the car industry, including:

  • sustainability and environment;
  • developing factory locations, closures and moves;
  • evolving distribution channels;
  • consumer trends;
  • acquisitions and business succession;
  • private equity;
  • operational excellence;
  • market entry and expansion;
  • business operating model structures;
  • reporting and regulations.

The global automotive sector is wide and diverse. It ranges from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), through suppliers (Tier 1-2) to dealers and manufacturers of commercial vehicles. Our customers utilise growth potential in many areas, from expansion in the developed markets and setting up new locations in emerging markets (China, India, Mexico), to research into and development of ‘greener’ vehicles and fuels.

KPMG’s automotive sector experts offer innovative insights and results-based support in order to ensure that the industry’s growth potential is not missed and that the challenges and opportunities facing the market can be overcome and utilised.

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