In the complex realm of corporate compliance, Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) are navigating a landscape filled with challenges, as highlighted in the recent KPMG International survey of 765 CCOs from around the world. The theme of this year’s survey centers on the anticipated pressures of heightened regulatory expectations and scrutiny over the next two years. These pressures underscore a strategic awareness within the compliance domain, acknowledging the need for adaptability in the face of evolving regulatory frameworks. Strategically, CCOs are honing in on critical areas of improvement, with cybersecurity taking a prominent role. This strategic emphasis reflects a proactive stance against escalating digital threats. Simultaneously, there's a focused commitment to data privacy, underscoring the industry's dedication to safeguarding sensitive information. Technology assumes a pivotal role, with CCOs foreseeing an increased budget — a strategic acknowledgment of technology's integral role within compliance. Alongside this, there's a parallel narrative of expanding compliance teams, recognizing the synergy between human expertise and technological advancements.

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Serap Tutkun
Senior Manager, Forensic
KPMG in the Netherlands

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