Recent development in the business environment has no doubt created a need for a more agile and responsive finance function, with CFOs being at the top of the transformational agenda. As such the KPMG CFO Advisory practice has been positioned to provide you with the necessary support that will help in delivering insights, streamlining operations and driving long-term value to your organisation through a pragmatic and customer centric approach leveraging our network of finance professionals, proven methodology, tools and modern digital technology.

We can help you with

Finance Function Transformation


Finance Function Assessment

We assist client in assessing the current state operating model of the finance function in order identify gaps and improvement opportunities to address functional issues such as inefficiency in processes, excessive costs, inadequate customer services and lost opportunities to better align efforts with business strategy and needs.

This assessment will cut across the various levers in the finance target operating model (FTOM), via-a-vis

  • Process
  • Data & Reporting
  • People
  • Technology
  • Governance & Controls

Finance Function Maturity Model

The KPMG Finance Maturity model is designed to help our clients assess the level of maturity of their finance function, essentially by looking at where you are currently and where you want to be in line with our existing point of view on the future of finance
It helps our clients to identify both their current and future states against the KPMG maturity levers, which is a five-point scale with key competencies for the Finance Function, at each level of maturity by Target Operating Model (TOM) layer.
The Model facilitates the discussion of how mature your Finance Function needs to be, in order to deliver the desired value to your organisation and remain relevant into the future.

Target Operating Model (TOM) and Implementation Roadmap

In addressing the challenges identified at the assessment phase of the transformation, we develop a comprehensive roadmap that will take you from the current state operating model to the desired/target operating model cutting across the five levers in the FTOM. This will include:

  • Identification and prioritization of initiatives to be implemented considering impact and ease of  implementation
  • Identification of workstreams necessary to deliver on the initiatives
  • An estimated timeline for delivery
  • Development of an execution governance structure

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

EPM is the approach used by leading CFOs to effectively manage execution of the business strategy through dynamic measurement of goals and performance. This will include:

  • Financial planning and performance management
  • Plan to perform process (re)design- Driver-based budgeting and forecasting
  • Profitability and cost optimisation
  • Insight-led reporting -  reporting strategy, KPI, and value-driver identification
  • Performance Benchmarking

Finance Delivery Model

We assist clients in developing finance service delivery strategies and approaches. evaluating alternative operating model options that will unlock the optimal value to the business.

These initiatives can include shared services, outsourcing, and centers of excellence, as well as determining which capabilities should be retained at the corporate level and in the business units.

Finance Intelligence Automation

We assist clients in the:

  • Assessment of the finance process and identification of automation opportunities
  • Deployment of relevant tools and technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), PowerApps, PowerBI,  Machine learning, etc. for automation
  • Implementation; solution design, development and implementation of automation and support after go live

Other Services


CFO Secondment

We have a pool of dedicated and highly experienced CFO level professionals, who have a deep understanding of the local market challenges, knowledge of contemporary practices from developed markets, and an ability to bring world class sector experts to assist you.

We offer consultants who can:

  • Fill into temporary CFO roles to manage possible disruption in transitions
  • Fit into key roles at short notice that match your specific needs

CFO Consulting/Advice

We bring specialist knowledge in providing operational and strategic assistance to the CFO bordering on wide range of issues requiring specific skills and expertise.

  • Decision making support
  • Advice on standards and regulatory issues
  • Corporate finance

Capacity Building

KPMG CFO Institute (KCI) where new and existing finance leaders are equipped with the requisite skills and training needed to succeed in their role as a strategic business partners.

  • Bespoke CFO training
  • Short course/open trainings on topical areas
  • CFO 100-day handbook
  • CFO induction