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A trusted solution provider helping you fit the pieces together

Growing operational complexity and regulatory pressures, is driving increasing demand for optimisation of business operations to achieve desired strategic aspirations. Achieving operational optimisation requires a trusted partner with relevant expertise, access to leading practices and tools that can support non-core business operations thereby increasing the resources, time and focus allocated to driving the growth of core business operations.

How we can help

Our Managed Services team can help businesses better manage their support functions, such as accounting and tax functions, to achieve the following:

  • Improved accountability and transparency of the financial reporting and tax compliance process
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Enhanced business processes and controls
  • Access to emerging and leading technology to drive operational efficiency and excellence.

With extensive experience providing managed service solutions to start-up, emerging and established businesses in different sectors, we have built a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that enables us to help companies improve business efficiency.

As a member of the KPMG global network, we have the reach and expertise to assist companies that require our services across jurisdictions. 

We also keep abreast of constantly evolving legislations and regulations and help companies navigate the changes by tailoring our services to their needs.

The hallmark of our managed services solutions is a unique combination of:

Industry and Subject Matter Experts

  • Provide in-depth knowledge and insights tailored just for you.
  • Help ensure your needs and quality standards are met
  • Help you keep up to date with changing regulatory requirements

Operational Excellence

  • Integrated and flexible service delivery model
  • Deliver on promises, goals, and targets
  • Deliver scalable and cost-effective services to our clients

Tools and Technology

  • Access to a wealth of KPMG proprietary tools and technology 
  • Remote access and data security needs to fit our clients demands
  • Implement global standard secured data exchange interactive portal (K-Central).
A trusted solution provider helping you fit the pieces together

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