Companies require reliable valuations to underpin transactions for transactions, tax, accounting and financial reporting reasons.

Find out how KPMG can provide you with valuations for transactions

It is important that boards, shareholders, investors, financiers, transaction counterparties and regulators can rely on the soundness of valuations. This is why many turn to KPMG when they need robust and credible valuations.

How we can help

Our Valuations team offers technically sound, and commercially focused independent valuations for specific client needs. 

Our services include: 

  • Providing independent professional advice to Boards, shareholders and management on transactions, takeovers, or evaluations of unsolicited takeover offers.
  • Determining the right price to pay or accept for a business or other asset.
  • Calculating the value of equity to be issued to existing shareholders or new equity investors.
  • Valuing private equity’s portfolio companies and unlisted investments for financial reporting and pricing purposes.
  • Undertaking valuations for tax purposes (including tax consolidation).
  • Providing valuations for accounting and reporting purposes (including valuations required under IFRS).

Providing valuations to assist in resolving commercial disputes.

We help clients to formulate appropriate business objectives and strategies. We also present valuation reports that are clear, credible, and transparently set out the reasons for our conclusions.

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