Risk consulting

Risk consulting

We help organisations understand major risk exposures, assess their corporate management system, risk management etc.

Risk consulting

 Services relevant to providers of financial services


ESG risk methodology and client evaluation

Development of methodology for the evaluation of ESG risks, including both industry and company level risks and mitigating factors

  • Identification of the data sets and information required for the evaluation of ESG risks
  • Development/improvement of the client questionnaire;
  • Identification of ESG risks and the link to credit risk assessment


Portfolio assessment and defining risk appetite

  • Assessment of loan and investment portfolios to identify risk exposures
  • Stress testing (scenario analysis and definition of scenarios)
  • Workshop with the management of the Bank on ESG risk appetite, and vision of the portfolio


Integration of ESG into risk management and strategy

  • Improvement of ESG processes and development of required policies/procedures
  • Evaluation and improvement of the risk management system and culture
  • Identification of climate and sustainability risks and mitigating measures within the overall corporate risk assessment framework


 Strengthening corporate governance


Development and implementation of risk management processes

Risk management processes add to the entity’s transparency, operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

  • Development of a risk management framework
  • Custom advice to determine and evaluate certain sustainability risks
  • Conducting practical risk identification workshops
  • Recommendations on risk mitigation measures at the company


Ethical behaviour and mitigation of bribery and corruption risks

Without measures in place to reduce bribery, corruption and conflicts of interest the entity jeopardises its sustainability due to potential litigations and risks to its reputation.

  • Development of an internal anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy
  • Development of an internal policy for prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Provide staff training


Management of cooperation partner risks

Supply chains are a significant component of business operations and an inadequate evaluation of cooperation partners may threaten the entity’s reputation and financial sustainability, and prevent it from participating in large global supply chains.

  • Identification and assessment of risks related to cooperation partners
  • Development of a methodology to evaluate cooperation partners
  • Staff training

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