Capital markets

Capital markets

Going listed is the way to both increase the company’s prestige and raise capital for its development.

Increase the company’s prestige and raise capital for its development.

IPO is an important decision that will greatly change the way your business operates. The readiness to go public must be evaluated objectively. The management must be ready to adapt operations to suit a wide array of shareholders from day one. This includes constant observance of compliance and regulatory requirements, operational efficiency, risk management, periodic reporting and investor relations.

We help our clients succeed building on our knowledge of the types of securities and the full life cycle of capital markets. In 2021 KPMG Baltics became Pan-Baltic Certified Adviser to Nasdaq Baltic First North Market. The status of a Pan-Baltic Certified Adviser enables KPMG Baltics to consult companies across all three Baltic countries that wish to enter NASDAQ First North market and beyond. The role of a certified adviser is to support companies in the preparation process, and to provide the necessary support and advice after entering the First North market.


KPMG specialists will support the company in all activities leading to an IPO:

  • Reorganisation of the company (legal support)
  • Legal, financial and tax due diligence
  • Support for the improvement of the company (incl. corporate governance, ESG)
  • Strategy for raising capital, financial modelling
  • Attracting institutional investors within the placement (in cooperation with the investment bank)
  • Registration of securities with the depository, listing

The Nasdaq First North Market is tailored to support growing companies that wish to raise capital and get the visibility and credibility of being a public company. For investors, First North offers an opportunity to participate and witness the growth of a company. First North is an alternative market on NASDAQ and is often seen as a first step towards trading on the regulated market.

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