Public sector consulting

Public sector consulting

We utilize our international expertise to support public sector entities across a range of services, with the goal of enhancing their efficiency.

Public sector consulting

Public sector decision-makers face significant challenges every day. Planning of budget facilities on the one hand and addressing societal needs on the other hand requires developing research-based policy actions and coordinating a wide range of stakeholders. The choice of policy actions can have a direct positive impact on a country's economic development and the quality of life of its citizens and need to be based on facts, evidence, international best practice, and discussions with industry players so that the most appropriate solutions are selected for the local context.

How can KPMG help?

Our experts have many years of experience in management consulting for the public sector - developing and proposing policy scenarios for further use in decision-making at ministries and cabinets of ministers, and in formulating recommendations to improve the efficiency of public administration, as well as encouraging and facilitating the implementation of brand new policy initiatives. In order to address client needs better, KPMG often draws on the expertise of its international network to learn best practices from countries that are considered leaders in their respective fields. During the course of recent years, KPMG experts have gained in-depth experience in education, regional development, energy, transport, and sustainability policy.

Our Public Sector Management Consulting experts will assist you with the following:

  • Assessment of the current and planned policy (incl. applicable regulations);
  • Development and assessment of policy action scenarios;
  • Development of new policy initiatives;
  • Functional audit of public institutions and companies, support in changing the organisational structure and analysis of reorganisation scenarios;
  • Development of business continuity plans for public institutions and companies
  • Digital transformation

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