We provide a broad scope of tax review services. A KPMG tax review is tailored to address clients' specific needs and encompasses either a full-scale tax review based on a thorough review of documentation for a period chosen, or a partial review of a single tax obligation or transaction. We review the original documents, bookkeeping and tax accounting records, tax returns and prepare a tax review report on the findings of current and possible tax risks as well as provide recommendations for effective risk management. Based on our recommendations the client may adopt decisions reducing the tax risks, costs, delay interest or penalties in case of tax audits. Furthermore, we can advise on efficient approaches that may help to reduce the tax burden.

During a KPMG tax review, the following issues are evaluated:

  • Corporate income tax – taxation of expenses, documentation, and possible alternatives for reducing tax expenses;
  • VAT – VAT accounting and compliance, tax rates, documentation;
  • Transfer pricing – compliance of transactions between related parties with the arm's length principle;
  • Transactions with non-residents – documentation of transactions with non-resident individuals and legal entities, withholding tax obligations;
  • Payroll accounting – tax accounting procedures, employment contracts and other documents;
  • Fringe benefits – tax accounting and documentation;
  • Customs and excise duties –international trade and accounting of excise goods for tax purposes and related obligations.