Our technical know-how, close cooperation with the tax administrator and versatile experience assisting our clients in tax disputes and arrangements with the tax administrator, makes for highly qualified representation of taxpayers at various levels.

It should be noted that KPMG professionals extensively work with other institutions as well (e.g. State Social Security Authorities, the Ministry of Finance, other ministries, the Immigration Department, the Customs of the Republic of Lithuania, etc.) to achieve the best possible result for the taxpayer. Drawing from the KPMG network’s global resource pool, we can assist in finding effective ways for the taxpayer to communicate with the tax administrator when the application of tax legislation is ambiguous and/or insufficiently detailed.

Services related to representation in tax disputes/arrangements include:

  • Assessment of the situation and preparation of a plan for further actions in case of a tax dispute with the tax administrator;
  • Representation of a client in tax disputes on various levels (from a tax audit to commission on tax disputes/court level);
  • Assistance in concluding agreements with the tax administrator regarding taxes and related amounts;
  • Assistance in preparation of tax enquiries to the tax administrator;
  • Representation of a taxpayer seeking a binding ruling with the tax administrator.