Our assistance includes the management of tax risks and tackling of tax issues related to international taxation from the perspective of foreign companies investing in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian companies intending to invest on a global level. Our advice on international taxation helps to determine the appropriate corporate form and structure, localization of intellectual property, structuring of interest flows, configuration of global supply chains, selecting a jurisdiction for the holding company, identification of an appropriate financial structures, withholding tax, permanent establishment issues, etc.

Via the global network of KPMG member firms our Tax practice is able to offer our clients a full portfolio of services covering various jurisdictions but through communication with their local Tax professionals, (providing a “one-stop shop” of sorts), who will address specific client needs and particular situations. Our advice on international taxation may lower effective tax rates resulting in cash-flow benefits and enhanced value for shareholders.

We also provide tax calculation and compliance services to foreign investors. Considering the needs of our clients and their activities carried out in Lithuania, we can offer full tax accounting or only its specific element thereof, e.g. preparation of corporate income tax, VAT returns, payroll calculations and preparation of required returns, etc. Accordingly, KPMG professionals in other jurisdictions can offer analogous services to Lithuanian investors in respective countries.