KPMG's Tax professionals offer a range of indirect tax services to foreign companies engaged in economic activities in Lithuania as well as to local entities. Our analysis of VAT, excise and customs duties can have a significant impact on a client‘ s financial results. We assist companies in tackling tax issues related to foreign jurisdictions and facing complicated tax compliance aspects arising for our clients when expanding into new markets. KPMG helps companies to find approaches in non-standard and complex transactions encountered in global trade and when rendering services. Proper indirect tax management helps to avoid tax overpayments or underpayments and related penalties for non-compliance.

Indirect taxation services include:

  • Advice on structuring of international trade transactions and configuration of global supply chains;
  • Advice on tax registration, compliance with legal regulations and VAT refundassistance to foreign and Lithuanian entities regarding registration for VAT purposes in Lithuania;
  • Assistance in VAT compliance, Intrastat reporting and preparation of other forms as prescribed by regulations to VAT payers in Lithuania;
  • Mediation in VAT refund;
  • Support in the course of tax audits and representation at the tax authorities.