A lot of companies are expanding into global markets in an age of increasingly mobile workforce. Thus, multinational companies and their employees face a multitude of tax issues. KPMG assists in managing international mobile workforce covering broad compliance and advisory services, immigration issues, administrative approaches for workforce mobility, support to human resources and finance specialists. KPMG's global network of professionals provide effective pre-departure or post-arrival advice in various jurisdictions as well as facilitating the compliance of companies and their employees with legal requirements. Our services help to ensure safety and guarantees in the course of international assignments or business trips as well, as help to reduce corporate costs related to the mobility of employees.

Global mobility services include:

  • Advice to multinational companies on the improvement of their global assignment programs, assistance in the preparation of respective documents related to short-term/long-term assignments;
  • Advice to companies on compliance issues related to mobile employees, payroll, personal income tax issues and compliance services, elimination of double taxation;
  • Advice on social security issues and assistance in obtaining certificates of coverage (e.g. A1 certificate) for departing employees;
  • Treatment of stock awards and advice on taxation of other loyalty programs applicable by companies;
  • Our services cover the whole compliance cycle from pre-departure or post-arrival advice in both countries taking into account the individual's and his/her family-specific situation, preparation of income tax returns, communication with the tax authorities;
  • Advice on immigration issues, assistance in obtaining work and/or residence permits, visas, declaration of a residence place and performing other necessary formalities;
  • An array of technological solutions which enable monitoring of mobile employee flows in real time, their obligations in various jurisdictions and reducing corporate costs.