Our selection process

Our selection process

Find out about our graduate selection process, from the application phase through to assessments, interviews and offers.

Find out about our graduate selection process, from applications to offers.

Our selection process

We offer Internship program positions to a diverse mix of individuals. You could be one of them. Once you’ve decided which business group you'd like to start your KPMG career pathway with, you’ll need to submit your application – exciting times!

KPMG has a five-stage internship selection process – starting with an online application. Here is an overview of each stage and some considerations that will help improve your chances of success.

1. Online application

An exciting KPMG career starts with a simple online application. We'll ask you some questions about your experiences to date, and why you've chosen to apply to KPMG. Be sure to do your research, have your CV ready and check your application for any typos. You can only apply to one location but you will have the ability to select up to two preferences of business groups on your application form. After completing the application, you will receive a notification for your successful submission. Applications will be screened every week. The sooner you apply your application, the higher chance you get invited for our Abilities test at KPMG office.  

2. Abilities assessments

Within a week from the day you submitted your online application, you'll be invited to complete an assessment test at KPMG office, dividing in 2 parts: Technical test and English test. The Technical test will give us some insight into your ability, how you best work and what you value in your career. After you complete the technical test will be a short English test. Both assessments should take no longer than one hour to complete. 

3. KPMG Career Launchpad

After you've successfully completed our assessments, you will be invited to come back to KPMG office to take part in our KPMG Career Launchpad which includes working on an engaging group activity where you will work together to crack a business problem and present your solutions to us. Our People representatives will also ask you questions around your career interests, time at university, extra-curricular activities and any work experience you may have. This round will last for about 45 minutes and will give us the opportunity to learn more about you. We will endeavour to consider you for your first preference stated in your application form.

4. Final stage – Meet our Partners

After you have successfully worked through the above 3 rounds, you will be invited for a final interview with our Partners from the business group that you’ve expressed interest in. The interview shall take place in our office for approximately 20-30 minutes.

5. Our offer

If you're successful at the final stage of our process, you'll be contacted by KPMG and a written offer of employment will be forwarded to you. If you have any questions about our offer, or about working at KPMG, then we encourage you to talk to your local Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

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