CEOs are embracing disruption head-on and are taking personal responsibility for driving growth.

Today’s businesses know that in order to survive and thrive they must be built around their customers, with an ability to continuously respond and adapt to ever-changing needs. To create a truly customer-centric business requires an approach that is founded on three key attributes.

First, organizations need to think ‘outside in’ and look at everything they do from the customer’s perspective and understand the economic implications. This means connecting what is happening externally with changes that need to be driven internally.

Secondly, businesses must use these insights to satisfy customer wants in order to create engaging experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. This also means aligning these experiences across third parties and suppliers to make it seamless for customers to interact with them.

Finally, every business must ensure that the entire organization – front, middle and back - is aligned to deliver on its brand promise and customer expectations. This means breaking down silos to become a customer-centric, digitally enabled business truly engineered for profitable growth. A focus on these three components distinguishes winning organizations. It makes them connected: to their customers, to their partners, and between teams and functions within.

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