With the economy's engines once again churning away — more strongly than at any point over the last two years —  and the latest edition of our CEO Outlook survey gauges how leadership strategies and concerns have shifted during these demanding times. CEOs are confident in the growth prospects of their company and the global economy in general. They feel a strong connection to their organization’s purpose and are looking to expand their business to emerge stronger.

Key findings

Today’s connected CEOs embrace tough leadership challenges. They can deliver on their purpose commitments, making the environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments and changes necessary to address inequity and launch the race to net zero. They look to drive growth and prosperity through digital agility and business model innovation, while aiming to ensure aggressive technology investments are matched by investment in human capabilities and skills. They pursue purpose to drive profitability and long-term growth while also recognizing their wider responsibilities to planet and people.

Key developments are focused on how today’s CEOs in Jordan are people-first and digitally enabled to grow their organizations and emerge stronger:

  • CEOs are optimistic, confident and expect aggressive growth through acquisitions and other inorganic methods. They continue to put an emphasis on inorganic growth and digital investments.
  • With increased stakeholder pressure, CEOs are supercharged to increase investment into ESG priorities and to double down on the purpose of their organizations. 76% of the survey respondents say they have shifted the focus to the social component of ESG as a result of their response to the pandemic.
  • With people returning to places of work, and society increasingly looking for business to lead a return to normal, CEOs are shying away from making wholesale changes to the future of work — but they recognize employee demand for continued flexibility.

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