You are more than your resume.

At KPMG in India, we strive to understand more about you through an elaborate, interactive and fair evaluation process. Whether you are venturing out into a new field or are looking to move into the most senior roles given your work experience, you are a right fit for us if you can:

Create innovative, strategic and pragmatic ideas

Frame complex problems, challenge assumptions, apply creativity and innovation in solutions and support recommendations with facts and research. Additionally, convey and exchange information, ideas, insight within a clear and meaningful context and demonstrate active listening skills.


Drive quality

Deliver high-quality products and exceptional services that leave a positive, measurable impact on our clients’ objectives and reputations.


Foster innovation, self-awareness and passion

Embrace and champion a culture of passion, innovation and experimentation to create value. Hunger for continuous self-development and learning, building capability & confidence within oneself and among others to find meaning and drive exceptional results.


Build collaborative and inclusive relationships

Bond with individuals, teams and organisations to build lasting, inclusive and collaborative relationships and create a vibe of belonging.


Demonstrate resilience and agility

Cultivate a positive approach, resilience and openness to ambiguity, fast-changing environments, processes and structures. Consider a problem or situation from different points of views and work effectively while remaining calm under pressure.


Advance an ethical environment and make sound decisions

Nurture deep awareness of personal responsibility for maintaining the ethical environment of the firm and capability to exercise sound ethical and business judgement when making decisions, setting an example for others to follow.


To suit our business needs, we recruit across a range of degrees, disciplines, skills, abilities and educational backgrounds. We believe in having diversity, commitment and ambition. We value and welcome innovative ideas, strategies and approaches and we're interested in you and your unique take on the world.