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KPMG in India is much more than an Accounting firm. It is one of the leading professional services firms with expertise in areas like business consulting, risk advisory, deal advisory, digital implementation, IT Advisory, tax and regulatory services and Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare advisory. You can visit our About Us, Services and Industries sections for a more detailed understanding.

Our work encompasses a wide range of sectors including consumer markets, telecommunications, technology, financial services, transportation and logistics, education, government and public sector enterprises, healthcare and life sciences, defense and aerospace, building and infrastructure. You can visit our About Us, Services and Industries sections for a more detailed understanding.

At KPMG in India, we provide an environment to thrive professionally by recognising potential, nurturing talent and rewarding high performance. We urge you to explore our Why KPMG section to learn more about our values, purpose and culture

At KPMG in India, working with our communities is a significant responsibility and at the core of our culture, essential to who we are. We encourage you to visit our Community impact section for more information.

We always seek dynamic individuals with positive attitude, agility and progressive thinking who can communicate their ideas with passion. We want people with a learning appetite, who want to be leaders in their profession and who want to make a difference. For more specific information, visit our 'What we look for' section.

Our opportunities listed in the Search and apply section have detailed job descriptions and desired skills mentioned in them. We encourage you to visit this section and apply based on the information available as well as your areas of interest. Should our recruitment team find your candidature more relevant for another opportunity, your application will be passed on to the relevant team accordingly.

We hire a lot of fresh graduates through our campus programme. Alternatively, you can visit the Search and apply section to check for roles that match your academic background and areas of interest.

We do open opportunities for people with disabilities (PWD) from time to time. You may look for relevant job postings by visiting our Search and apply section. We also request you to follow our firm's social media handles for any relevant announcements and information regarding this.

KPMG in India believes in the inclusion of diverse talent. Should your prior experience contribute to any of our current opportunities, we will be keen to consider your application, but all applications will be considered in accordance with the technical and educational requirements of the role which will be duly mentioned in the job requirement or description.

KPMG has member firms in over 146 countries. Click here to visit the KPMG International website to learn more about other member firms and gain access to their pages and opportunities with them.

We welcome applications from overseas as long as they are in accordance to our national work permits, Indian laws including but not limited to employment and labour laws and other relevant rules, regulations and guidelines.

We will consider your application in accordance with the Indian laws rules and regulation.

It is imperative to provide us with as much information about yourself as you can and ensure accuracy. While a cover letter is a good introduction, we are more interested in what you have mentioned in your resume. A comprehensive application should include academic background, prior experience (if any), key skills, interest areas, significant achievements and contributions. It should be able to clearly help us understand who you are and what you aspire to do at KPMG in India.

Once your application is short-listed, our recruitment team could connect with you within 2-14 days to discuss the steps ahead. The communication can be held verbally over the phone, via email, virtually or even in-person.

Only applicants who are successfully shortlisted for listed opportunities get notified and receive a call from our recruitment team.

Your resume is a part of your unique ID that gets created when you register on our website. For applying for another position or more positions, you can simply login to our site and apply to the relevant opportunity(ies). Our system will automatically pick up your resume and link it to your application to the concerned opening(s).

Please use the online application form within the Search and apply section and submit your resume. It will be captured in our database for future openings and you will be contacted by our recruitment team in case your profile matches any openings within six months of your application to us.

To be considered for a role, we highly recommend following our system guided process by sharing your application through our career website. You can click here for instantly accessing our search and apply section.

You can certainly have your friend/relative refer you to us. We will receive those applications in the form of Employee Referrals and the concerned employee will submit it on our search and apply section.

We recommend you visit our what we look for section to learn more about attributes that fit well with KPMG in India and get access to Applicant’s guide to acing interviews document to help you prepare for your interview.

Our recruitment process is designed to promote two-way communication between you and the firm. We want to be fully transparent about our evaluation process so that you can understand where you are at and what the next steps are. Please visit our how we recruit section to understand more about the possible stages in the evaluation process.

While no interview or interaction can be predefined, we have listed here some of the common topics that are discussed in interviews are- Interest areas, skills, scholastic, extra-curricular, professional achievement(s)/contribution(s), prior experience, behaviours, competencies, aptitude and agility.

Knowing that our firm is committed to developing a diverse and high performing workforce, able to meet current and future client as well as business needs, we do have many agile work arrangements. Should you have any specific queries, our Human Resources team will be able to address them during any scheduled interactions planned with you.

Ideally, there should be a gap of at least six months before you apply again for the same role.

Yes, you can explore opportunities in a different service line. Our teams may choose to refer to feedback from your early evaluation should the time period be less than six months.

Our salaries are as per market standards. When you are offered a position at KPMG in India, you will receive a detailed break up of your compensation. It is important to think about not just your salary but the total rewards you will receive when joining, such as other benefits like performance-based incentives or bonuses, development and growth opportunities, long term earning potential and career progression.

We encourage you to visit our Incentives and benefits section to learn more about what we offer to our employees.

Learning in KPMG in India is a continuous process and it starts right from the moment you join us and lasts throughout your tenure with us. As a part of your onboarding or first few months, you will undergo various trainings that would enable you to work best in your role here. You will also have many other optional trainings you can choose to take up yourself.