NetSuite integration app Work OS allows organizations to easily shape unique workflows, collaborate across teams and departments, automate tasks, visualize data, and scale outputs.

Leveraging the work with has never been easier through integrations to other core systems in the organization, therefore we in KPMG developed the NetSuite - integration app allowing users to smoothly sync data from to NetSuite in the employees day-to-day work.

With the NetSuite integration app users can easily determine, using recipes, what, when and how data should flow between the systems and let the App handle the sync, allowing teams to focus on what really matters while improving accuracy and control.

Monetary data can be fully aligned with project and process management data to allow data driven decision making without time or data gaps. 

This is how operational data and monetary data become best friends.

  • Stay aligned: Automatically connect operational data from to easily generate financial reports, invoice billable hours, reconcile spending, and more.
  • Save valuable time: Save time, minimize audit stress, and eliminate discrepancies caused by redundant manual data entries in multiple platforms.
  • Gain real-time visibility: See where everything stands, track progress, and accurately recognize revenue in real-time

Learn how the NetSuite Integration app can accelerate and optimize internal workflows across the organization

  • Project management: Allows financial teams real-time visibility into project progress, expenses, outcomes, and more. Saves time for project managers on updating data in multiple systems, keeps everyone on the same page, and recognizes revenue faster.
  • Sales: Instantly sync sales opportunities and client records from to NetSuite ERP, keep the sales teams and financial units completely aligned, and gain visibility into overall sales opportunities and closed deals to forecast revenue at any time.
  • HR: From candidate pipeline management to onboarding new hires and distributing equipment, the integration enables a sync between your HR department and finance units without manual updates and data discrepancies.