KPMG Ghana share insights at UKGCC Forum

KPMG Ghana at UKGCC Forum

KPMG Ghana share insights at UKGCC Forum

In order to help members of the UKGCC (and businesses in general) to gain valuable insight into the concept of ESG, global and local trends, its impacts on businesses and most importantly how to integrate ESG factors in business strategies and operations, the UKGCC and KPMG partnered to facilitate a series of knowledge sharing sessions with the community throughout the year.

The first session was held on 5 July 2023 on the topic ESG Considerations and Why They Matter.  The objective of the session was to allow participants to gain knowledge and have a practical understanding of the drivers of sustainability, be abreast with the current global and local ESG trends and its impact on their business and be empowered to contribute to ESG matters to impact their businesses as well as identify common challenges faced by businesses in implementing ESG practices while exploring strategies to overcome them.

The session featured Kwame Sarpong Barnieh (KPMG Partner) and Kenneth Agyei-Duah (KPMG Deputy Manager) sharing their expertise and participating in a panel discussion which covered a number of topics including the concept of ESG and its relevance in today’s business landscape, how businesses can effectively integrate ESG principles into their corporate strategies and operations and emerging trends and evolving expectations related to ESG considerations.

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