KPMG supports the University of Ghana Business School’s 43rd Management Day Celebration

KPMG support UGBS

KPMG supports the University of Ghana Business School

On 7 June 2023, the University of Ghana Business School held their 43rd Management Day Celebration under the theme “Accounting for Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability: Our Collective Responsibility”.  The management day programme provides a forum to engage industry practitioners, academia and students in discourse to bridge theory and practice on topical issues.

Reindolf Annor (Associate Director, Advisory) delivered a thought provoking speech on the sub-theme ”Institutional reporting on the impact of economic activities on climate change and the environment – policy/ practice/ compliance”. ​​​​​​​

During his session he covered a number of topics including Climate Change and Reporting Benefits, The Evolution of Modern Institutional Reporting, The Various Policies and Frameworks for Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability/ ESG reporting trends in Ghana and Reporting Best Practices to Consider.

During his speech, he emphasised that climate change is a pressing global issue and our actions – no matter how big or small can make a difference in protecting the environment.  He also stressed the importance of disclosing your environmental impact and the need to avoid green washing.

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