Thanks to sponsorship from KPMG, BecomingX Education is now available for every school in Guernsey. 

The new-to-Guernsey digital platform provides teachers with the resources to help students build the skills, knowledge, attitudes and relationships needed to succeed in life – personal attributes such as problem solving, leadership, determination and resilience that are not formally covered in the curriculum.  

Designed to help schools deliver world-class personal development programmes, BecomingX Education includes more than 200 lessons, assemblies and activities covering Years 4-13. 

Teachers will have access to unique film content from 60 of the world’s most inspiring people, with students learning from the likes of Roger Federer, Dame Stephanie Shirley, Julia Roberts, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who share their insights on what it really takes to succeed. The platform also provides practical insights from leading educators, academics and experts to help teachers enhance their delivery. 

Neale Jehan at KPMG said: 

“KPMG is proud and excited to be able to provide access to this platform for every school in Guernsey. In the year that we celebrate 100yrs of having an office in the Bailiwick, we are continuously striving to be a responsible business and have a positive impact on our community. One of our core values is Lifelong Learning, and education is a key component of everyone’s journey with KPMG. We are thrilled to offer educational support in new and innovative ways and BecomingX provides a new opportunity to offer our young people the chance to be inspired, to gain skills and knowledge which can enable them to thrive.”  

Paul Gurney, co-founder and CEO of BecomingX said:

“We’re delighted to be working with KPMG and the States of Guernsey on this exciting roll out of BecomingX Education. It is great to see the level of ambition to help equip the next generation with the skills and attitudes they will need to succeed, no matter what they choose to do. We know that academic proficiency in isolation is not enough to enable young people to thrive in a rapidly changing world and the best schools are focusing their efforts on building a broader set of skills and attitudes to equip their students for the future. We commend KPMG in their efforts to support the Government’s ambition and help every school and student in the Bailiwick.” 

Bear Grylls, BecomingX Co-Founder said:

“Success is so rarely the result of ‘innate talent’ or academic performance – it’s more often about equipping yourself with the right skills, learning how to bring people on side, and about developing massive resilience. We’re so proud to work with KPMG to roll out BecomingX Education across Guernsey, as we know it helps to inspire and equip students to become the very best versions of themselves.” 

Nick Hynes, Guernsey’s Director of Education, said:

“It is a well known fact among professionals in our sector that education is not all about academia. While it is of course a very important part of our curriculums, wider learning of general life skills is also essential. BecomingX Education will be important in helping us to teach those lessons to our island’s students, and the messages are only made more powerful through the involvement of some of the world’s highest achievers. I’d like to thank KPMG for their support in allowing us to facilitate this new resource across the Bailiwick, and I have no doubt it will be of great value to our students.”  

BecomingX Education was founded in January 2020 and is used by more than 400 schools in the UK, US, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. It was born out of in-depth research with over 60 of the world’s most inspiring and iconic people, a detailed literature review, and input from some of the world’s top educators including ‘the world’s best teacher’ Andria Zafirakou, Professor of Leadership Lord Dr Michael Hastings of Scarisbrick and Oxford University skills expert Dr Susan James Relly, among others. 

The platform is available for all primary and secondary schools thanks to the sponsorship from KPMG, who have purchased a premium membership of the programme for every school for the 2023-24 academic year.