Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the framework used to seamlessly deliver services to ‘Service Consumers’ from multiple service domains such as IT, HR, Customer Service or Finance. We use the term Service Consumers, as ESM serves not just those who are within your enterprise i.e. your employees, but also encapsulates the service provided to relevant external stakeholders including vendors, suppliers, partners and customers.

By bringing multiple service domains into this delivery framework, the enterprise can route work across departments, breaking down the silos in support functions, and ultimately providing their Service Consumers with the convenience and simplicity of just one place to go to get the support they need from an enterprise’s supporting functions. In this blogpost, you can get a thorough overview of how ESM differs from the old IT Service Management.

We support our clients in the entire value chain of ESM with a holistic service portfolio delivered by experts who understand how technology can drive business transformation by synergising, strengthening and automating processes within the different service domains of the Enterprise.

A ‘One-start-shop’ digital platform

The seamless delivery of services within ESM is founded upon an organisation having a clear ESM strategy and maturing their target operating models in all service domains. This is especially powerful when supported by a ‘One-start-shop’ digital platform that provides an intuitive and transparent user experience for those requesting the services, simplifying the complexity that is often needed to route these workflows across the enterprise efficiently.  

To enable the digitalisation and automation of those ESM processes, we have chosen to focus on the leading platform of all platforms – ServiceNow – which specialises in digital workflows. Out of the Box it provides both industry leading standardised workflows for all service domains as well as the ability to easily create custom workflows tailored to the needs of each individual enterprise. Further, ServiceNow offers a one-start-shop in the way of an Employee Center portal where your service consumers can access all workflows from anywhere, using a UX enhanced and AI powered interface.

KPMG is a leading ServiceNow partner

KPMG has been a ServiceNow partner since 2012, delivering more than 800 ServiceNow engagements and supporting clients of different industries to design and build solutions across the enterprise. Our experience puts us in the driving seat in the marketplace and we are one of the primary presenters at ServiceNow Knowledge events and on low-code development. 

We have also been named ServiceNow Global Transformation Partner of the Year for the last two years and were recently chosen as the lead launch and design partner for ServiceNow's integrated ESG solution. This demonstrates the close partnership and alliance we have with ServiceNow as an organisation, ensuring that we are always providing the most up-to-date and future-proof advice to help you utilise the ServiceNow platform to transform your enterprise. 

We pride ourselves on being able to advise our clients in Enterprise Architecture and Digital Strategy, cross-industry and cross-function. We are strategically positioned with many clients both in Denmark and abroad, helping them to maximise the value obtained from ServiceNow. We are able to do this not only due to the extensive skills and experience we have locally, but also by being an advisory firm with Strategy advisory at our core. 

To support our goal of bringing our clients value at speed, we have created a set of assets that are part of our Powered approach, in particular Powered Enterprise, which leverages predefined best-practice holistic approaches to manage roadmaps and target operating models. As a part of our implementations, KPMG also leverages ServiceNow’s proven Now Value methodology to efficiently help you define your platform vision, strategic drivers, desired outcomes and key measures of value.

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