KPMG helps customers to modernize, consolidate and automate their Enterprise Service Management processes to help unlock productivity, increase efficiency and lower costs, while ensuring the flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of your modern-day business.

Companies of every size across every industry worldwide are grappling with complex challenges surrounding their Enterprise Service Management. KPMG’s Powered Enterprise framework, enabled by ServiceNow, focuses on creating a connected Enterprise Services platform that supports all kind of users, from employees, customers or vendors.

Simply put, we help your organisation to simplify your interface thereby removing complexity for the end user. Organisations that use our framework can expect lower risk, higher value, an end-to-end view of the process and a thorough implementation that aligns how employees interact with internal departments,

Whether you are a medium size enterprise or a large corporation, you will reap many benefits from implementing our Powered Enterprise Service Management.

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KPMG and ServiceNow

KPMG is a Global Elite ServiceNow Partner with a long history of close collaboration, both on customer relations and deliveries, but also in relation to developing the ServiceNow platform. KPMG has implemented ServiceNow based solutions for many customers worldwide across diverse industries.

Powered Enterprise Solutions

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