What is Project & Portfolio Management?

Project and portfolio management is the discipline that ensures an organisation knows what projects are underway, what their purpose is and what the expected outcomes are. It also provides insight into how the organisation's initiatives align with its strategies and goals, as well as the current status of projects in terms of resources, progress and finances. Most organisations, large and small, experience challenges in gaining and maintaining an overview of ongoing development and improvement initiatives. This is true whether these initiatives are managed and controlled with traditional project management methods such as the waterfall model or whether agile methods are utilised.

Greater demands for adaptability in planning, management and leadership

It is becoming increasingly difficult to predict what challenges organisations will face - even if you are only looking at the next quarter. The idea of traditional planning, where organisations planned a full year ahead months in advance, is outdated. Opportunities for improvement and ideas don't conveniently coincide with organisational planning cycles, but are constantly emerging. Therefore, it is crucial to have a good foundation for managing and leading these.

For this purpose, we see that organisations often use combinations of agile tools, project management tools and, of course, emails, Excel and PowerPoint. Many organisations are therefore well on their way, but the challenge is that consolidation at group level is often done manually using e.g. PowerBI and PowerPoint. The result is that top management gets what they want: an overview with beautiful graphs - but they don't realise how many manual tasks and reports form the basis of this overview. In addition, project management is localised and diverse, and reporting and overview are manual processes. All of this leads to less transparency and makes it difficult for management to make the right decisions.

Project and portfolio management in ServiceNow

At KPMG, we can help you consolidate and create an overview of your project and portfolio management processes by ensuring that initiatives and tasks are automated and documented.

We work primarily with ServiceNow, utilising our experience, knowledge and insight into the platform's Strategic Project Portfolio Management tool - but we also execute projects in other platforms. ServiceNow can handle the entire process, from Idea to Demand and on to Project or Epic with a link to the operational tasks to be performed at Release and Operation. With ServiceNow, we can digitise the entire process in a continuous delivery perspective with integrations to other tools such as Jira and Azure DevOps. 

ServiceNow can support and accelerate the entire journey. At the same time, we help you ask the important questions: How do your strategy and objectives relate to what you actually execute and implement? And how do you ensure the realisation of both financial and non-financial benefits? 

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