What is customer service management?

Customer Service Management is to deliver and oversee efficient and effective support to external customers (B2C or B2B) before, during, and after they have purchased a product or service. Customer Service Management includes a range of activities and strategies aimed at meeting customer needs, resolving issues, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Effective Customer Service Management plays a vital role in building and maintaining a positive brand reputation and fostering customer loyalty. It requires a customer-centric approach and a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

For successful Customer Service Management, companies need to consistently and cost effectively exceed customer expectations, in not one but across each of The Six Pillars of Customer Service Managament which we have listed below. Our research shows that the organisations who exceed in delivering on these Six Pillars are those that are able to perfectly combine digital and human experiences. 

Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection.
Turning a poor experience into a great one.
Being trustworthy and engendering trust.
Time & effort
Minimising customer effort and creating frictionless processes.
Managing, meeting and exceeding expectations.
Achieving an understanding of the customer's circumstances to drive deep rapport.

Why is it important?

The future of Customer Service Management will require robust, digital solutions which enable your customers to easily get the support they need, whilst also ensuring that their needs are quickly and efficiently routed through the enterprise to those who can deliver resolutions. Streamlining this flow from customer engagement to resolution and communication back to the customer is what we colloquially call cleaning up the ‘messy middle’ between the front and back office. 

This matters as it frees up your Customer Service teams to spend more time providing empathetic and personalised service to the customer, rather than trying to navigate through the enterprise to find solutions. 

How can we assist you?

By leveraging our KPMG-specific Connected Enterprise methodology, as well as drawing upon our expertise in delivering Customer Experience-centric advisory and AI capabilities, KPMG can help you to better understand your customers. This means you will understand what matters most to them and can consistently deliver on their needs, whilst still managing the cost of operations in a sustainable way.

We achieve this with ServiceNow Customer Service Management – a solution that enables organisations to connect their sales and support functions to fix issues and provide a holistic customer service experience. By integrating this platform with your systems of record for CRM, such as SAP or Salesforce, we can help you proactively resolve customer issues and provide a personalised customer experience while automating and reducing case volume for agents.

KPMG has been a ServiceNow partner since 2012, delivering more than 800 ServiceNow engagements and supporting clients of many industries to design and build solutions across the enterprise. This experience puts us in the driving seat in the marketplace, often leading us to act as primary presenters for ServiceNow Knowledge events. Our extensive engagements over the past decade have also provided us with the technical expertise to offer best in class solutions, especially in the field of low-code development. But it is our knowledge of what good customer service is, combined with this technical expertise, that enables us to provide you with a meaningful business transformation for your organisation.