In the battle to attract and retain the top talent, the people side of the organisation is increasingly being recognised as strategically important to business success. The organisations who are leading the market in providing that strategic value back to the business are those who have well-developed HR Services and have found the balanced combination of digital and human experiences. 

The HR function of the future has much to gain by adopting a model that removes boundaries across the enterprise, designs services that meet employee expectations, and enables human-centric, digital-driven processes to improve efficiencies.  As an example, utilising integrated, user-friendly HR technology like ServiceNow enables seamless communication and collaboration, including with other functions such as IT and Finance, improving engagement and fostering a positive workplace culture.

The modern HR department is increasingly reliant on integrated technology solutions, such as this, to be agile and responsive to the needs of the organisation and its employees as is recognised by our research into the top priorities of HR leaders:  

39% of surveyed HR leaders ranked delivering digital technology into HR beyond the core HR system of record as one of their top priorities for the next 3 years and yet only 10% felt that they had the capabilities necessary to deliver on that (a 29% gap).

57% of surveyed HR leaders ranked improving the employee experience across enterprise processes as one of their top priorities for the next 3 years and yet only 31% felt that they had the capabilities necessary to deliver on that (a 26% gap).

Supporting your employees in the Moments-that-Matter

At KPMG, we combine our technical expertise on HR platforms such as ServiceNow, Workday and SuccessFactors with a team of knowledgeable HR-centric consultants who understand HR processes and can speak the language of the HR organisation.

This allows us to architect a strategy which holistically encompasses how people, processes, and technology can work together to create an environment that is equipped to give your employees the answers they need quickly and efficiently. This empowers your employees to self-serve, reducing the time your HR staff spend on answering minor questions and queries and allowing them to focus on giving the human touch to your employees in the Moments-that-Matter. 

A seamless employee experience

Utilising ServiceNow’s platform capabilities, we can ensure that your employees have access to the services and products they need during the Moments-that-Matter throughout their lifecycle of employment.

We also leverage ServiceNow’s integration capabilities to connect your systems behind the scenes, providing your employees with a single system of engagement and a seamless experience. This means that your core HR systems can often be updated without the need for your HR systems or employees to leave ServiceNow.

We also seamlessly integrate services such as onboarding, across functions so that through just one request, your managers can request an onboarding process that engages multiple areas of the organisation - generating tasks for the right person in each of those departments to address.

The important aspect is that all this complexity is hidden from the employee’s perspective, and they are presented with an easy-to-use intuitive interface where they get an overview of any the tasks and actions they should perform as part of their pre-boarding/onboarding:

At speed with Powered HR

We can help you avoid the challenges of traditional transformation projects by realising this value at speed with our KPMG developed Powered HR solution. This solution brings together proven operating models based on leading practices and a set of pre-defined assets built on top of leading third-party technology solutions such as ServiceNow. Therefore, instead of starting from scratch, our experts work with you to validate our pre-configured models. This lets you find and implement answers sooner, changing how HR delivers value for your business.

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