What is legal service delivery?

Legal operations is a key stakeholder in many of an enterprise’s key and supporting processes, e.g. Sales, Sourcing and Risk, where Legal and other functions need to co-operate in end-to-end processes to deliver on required business value and compliance. By working together across the various business functions, Legal operations can be transformed through efficient Legal Service Delivery. 

As a business supporting function, Legal operations needs to deliver on required business outcomes such as:

  • Faster deliveries of requests and issues

  • reduced risk of services delivered

  • more cost effectiveness

Why is it important?

However, in many organisations legal operations is struggling to meet these objectives as they are lagging other business functions in the speed in which they are digitising their services. This is demonstrated by the fact that many of the tasks and processes performed in legal operations remain manual and rely on Microsoft 365 for technology support. 

The negative effect of this inefficiency is that 75% of legal resources in the legal department are spending time on administrative tasks that doesn’t require their expertise. This wasted time and effort of highly specialised resources on non-specialised activities is an obvious opportunity for a reduction in the cost of running the legal department, while also allowing the specialists to focus on the work that requires their expertise.

How can we assist you?

We can assist you in accelerating the digitalisation of your legal department by standardising, streamlining and automating your key workflows and processes with a digital platform that supports the full end-to-end lifecycle of the services you provide. 

Our platform of choice for Legal Service Delivery is ServiceNow, which provides a suite of legal applications designed to streamline the way legal teams operate. From Matter Management to Shared Services requests, the applications are designed to let lawyers focus on the practice of law and maximise their efficiency within their core competencies and skillsets.

Our focus is not only on streamlining your Legal operations, but also on improving the overall experience of your employees, both in terms of those requesting services and those who are fulfilling them in the legal department. This is achieved by implementing a Service Portal, with built in AI capabilities, which enables your employees to search for and request the legal services that they need, then also being able to subsequently communicate on and check the status of those requests. This gives the employees transparency into the delivery of their requested services, whilst also moving away from email-based communications where traceability and reporting is a challenge. 

As a legal practitioner delivering on those requests, you are given dashboards and reports to help you more easily prioritise tasks, manage workloads and take data-driven decisions related to service demands, performance and trends. It is also simpler to collaborate with colleagues either within the legal department or within other functions. There are also several automation features which can be used for service fulfilment such as generating contracts based on templates or providing standard responses to requestors through the click of a button. 

At KPMG, we have the expertise to guide you on both the technical and functional aspects of transforming and digitising the overall processes and experience of your Legal operations. We are able to deliver this transformation at speed and scale, by leveraging our set of assets, through our KPMG Powered approach, to pull predefined best-practices and holistic approaches to managing roadmaps and target operating models.