At KPMG, we have been partners with Microsoft for years and have a license to operate based on the level of certified professionals we have in Denmark. We have worked with the Microsoft Dynamics suite for several years, which has strengthened our collaboration even more for each gained reference. The experience we have gathered through the years has guided us in becoming market leaders in our field; and we especially have great experience within the NGO sector. KPMG’s NGO solution is a product of this, and it has grown stronger for each project we have completed successfully. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales has provided a 360 customer-centric solution to customers for years. The solution helps you accelerate revenue with an insights-based, collaborative sales engagement solution. Through multiple years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics consulting, we at KPMG have become experts within the domains of Sales, Customer Service and Marketing. 

Microsoft 365

Dynamics 365 Sales helps you connect sellers with customers, streamline sales actions, manage the pipeline and improve customer feedback. Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you automate customer service, enhance customer experience, improve the service line and deliver proactive support. Dynamics 365 Marketing is the domain to help create personalised campaigns, coordinate campaigns across your business domains, give AI-based marketing recommendations and improve the customer relationship. 

What can we help with?

At KPMG, we do Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects across the whole life cycle. From analysis and scoping projects to implementation projects and trainings


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Christina is a Design Solution Consultant and an expert in KPMG’s NGO solution.

Jacob is a Dynamics for Sales Consultant and an expert in Integrations.