Our donors need to know that their contributions make a difference. When they support us at UNICEF, they support the biggest children's organisation in the world. An organisation that every day and all year round ensures that the help reaches exactly those children that need it the most. And that is why Lean Fundraising has made a difference – not just for us in UNICEF, but also for the children of the world.

Karen Hækkerup
General Secretary
UNICEF Danmark

With the help of KPMG, UNICEF has invested in Lean Fundraising. UNICEF now uses new technologies to automate and simplify processes, and in this way, they can strengthen the quality of the dialogue that they have with their 75,000 world parents. UNICEF knows that there are many reasons for becoming a world parent and supporting the children of the world – and their communication with the world parents needs to reflect and accommodate these various reasons.

With UNICEF's digitised approach to fundraising they can now easily gain insight into what creates most value for their donors. The new technologies that KPMG has implemented at UNICEF put the NGO in a position where they to an even higher degree can create a valuable contact with their donors, so they can see that they make a difference by supporting UNICEF.