Deal Analytics combines classic analyses in a Deal context with large amounts of data, and we elevate the classic analyses by using tools that can process large amounts of information and provide better insights.

Data plays a bigger role in an increasingly digitalised world, also in a Deal context. Deal Analytics supports different disciplines in Deal Advisory by providing more exact and transparent insights into the business. Besides our work with structuring and analysing Big Data, we also use tools such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to  give more precise estimates on important KPIs and for company benchmarking. 

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Why your company should use Deal Analytics as part of the transaction

If you are looking into buying or selling a company, using Deal Analytics provides an opportunity to understand the company at an even deeper level. We make in-depth analyses of the historical development of a company on a transactional level and blend it with both public and private data to form an impression of the core drivers of the business, future opportunities and pitfalls. We We work methodically and confirm and disprove hypotheses that we make in collaboration with you, based on data

elevation model
KPMG database
Our proprietary database contains all Danish companies and their respective annual reports since 2014, Benchmark data and access to APQC. Data is cleansed with deterministic models, Machine Learning and manual corrections.

Furthermore, we have access to an extensive global benchmarking database.
Public data
Deal Analytics uses several data sources to provide insights into how the company interacts with the surrounding society.
Your company data
Deal Analytics can analyze large amounts of data right down to the transaction level, as well as blend the company's data with other data sources.
Advanced Analytics
Deal Analytics uses advanced models and analyses to provide you with solid estimations on KPIs and benchmarking.

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