The integration of Agio resulted in a strengthened value chain

In 2020, Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired the Dutch company Agio. The integration of Agio has resulted in synergy creation, hereby significantly strengthening the entire company's value chain. STG remains a stronger company after the acquisition of Agio – a company which, before the acquisition, reminded of a smaller version of STG, but with a full value chain in place.

To execute the integration successfully, STG used an integration playbook developed by KPMG. In addition, the integration has presented several learnings for STG such as the importance of getting a new leadership team in place as soon as possible, as well as full onboarding and employee participation throughout the process. 

First of all, KPMG came up with an integration playbook, and although we have made many transactions over the years, we have never really established our own playbook for integration. And then they came with some extra resources, and when such a transaction gets underway, then it's a busy time. There are many things that need to happen within the first few months, and of course KPMG also made a significant contribution to that

Niels Frederiksen
President & CEO
Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Rapid growth in mergers and acquisitions

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