We know that sustainable transformation is not easy. Challenging the status quo never is. But with deep insights into new technology and innovative solutions, you can transform obstacles into opportunities and go further than just compliance.

At KPMG, we use extraordinary insights to empower and support companies in delivering impactful transformations and lead the way forward towards a more sustainable future. All the way from compliance to implementation.

We do that by utilising technology and through a unique international set-up of specialised competencies, designed to go beyond borders.

Just talking about ESG is not enough. Together, we can bring a different perspective to what lies ahead – let technology empower your sustainable transformation.

Transform obstacles into opportunities

Our team of sustainability advisors work both to ensure our own internal transformation, just as they help companies create real change. With our industry-leading experience, data-driven technology and global alliances, you can turn insights into opportunities for your business, your people and our planet.

At KPMG, we focus the technological ESG transformation on three steps; a data driven opportunity assessment, solution development, and implementation. Through this we can help scope ESG data points to allow you to work strategically with the ESG agenda. We can assist you in all steps of your transformation including:

  • Assessment and design of your ESG strategy
  • Embedding ESG across your operations with technology as an important driver.
  • Measuring progress and telling your ESG story. This also includes compliance and ESG reporting.
  • Making sure that your future steps support your strategy.

With technology at the forefront of everything we do, we have designed our services to put ESG at the core of your operations – where it should be.

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