The energy transition stands as the defining challenge of our era – and understanding the significance of green energy transition is paramount, with nearly 75% of global emissions tied to energy production/usage.

The transformation of energy systems and the increasing use of technologies and digitalisation are setting the agenda of the energy industry. The value chain is changing, and consumer behaviour is increasingly determining innovative activity. The large energy companies as well as regional utilities and municipal utilities are faced with the question of how the interplay between renewable energies, the hydrogen economy, mobility and infrastructure ensure a secure and affordable supply.

Meanwhile, the energy industry has been at the centre of discussions about climate protection and CO2 savings while new social as well as regulatory issues around ESG will continue to have a massive impact on corporate strategies. Companies must continuously reassess their strategies to remain relevant and they must also have a plan for climate neutrality solutions that can maximise value and drive long-term environmental and financial sustainability – this can for instance include decarbonisation solutions, sustainable business models, renewable energy technologies and net zero emission strategies.

At our core, we believe that the transition to a greener economy must be both sustainable and profitable. We help our clients develop business models that balance environmental concerns with financial viability, creating solutions that deliver value for both their businesses and the planet. We incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovation into our solutions to provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions that are at the forefront of the green energy transition. 

We support your green transition: from strategy to execution

Our team, comprising project managers and strategy, transformation and energy experts, guides you through the transition, fostering a transformative mindset to develop sustainable business models with positive societal outcomes. We support your journey in reinventing your value proposition, supply chain and organisation to meet the challenges and opportunities of emission standards, climate neutrality and green energy sources.

We assist clients in the energy transition through a portfolio of services covering financial, strategic and regulatory advice, tax, accounting support and the development of energy transition strategies. Our leading role in renewables positions us to address critical questions, such as the contribution of energy to emissions, available decarbonisation technologies, techno-commercial feasibility, service procurement, optimal procurement methods and progress tracking.

At KPMG, we also provide clients with the latest market insights, focusing on emerging renewable technologies like offshore wind, hydrogen and mobility. We are eager to help you navigate the complexities of the green transition for a sustainable and prosperous future.

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