Did you know that running a sustainable business can be used as a strategic tool to drive your business for growth? Keeping track of your emission is a way to enlighten yourself to allow your business to become more sustainable.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a Salesforce ESG product and the best solution to ensure efficient real-time sustainability data and a great way to achieve ESG initiatives. ESG for business helps building long-term sustainability and using it as a strategy can generate long-lasting value.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is a best-of-breed tool that allows you to deliver faster climate actions at scale through improved data and insights – regardless of your industry or market, and it enables your organisation to be more transparent.

Consequently, this tool enables you to communicate your sustainability efforts to the world based on facts through trusted data, and it calculates emission from business travels, used fuel and the supply chain among others. The data is visualised in dynamic dashboards and reports allowing your organisation to easily identify improvement areas and take meaningful action.

With best-practice experiences and specialist knowledge it is our purpose to guide you on your organisation's sustainable journey. Whether or not you are new to Salesforce, we will find the right solution to suit your needs.

Download the report below to hear more about how Salesfroce Net Zero Cloud can help your business.

How can we help

At Customer & Growth, we will establish increased organisational transparency and move your organisation towards net zero emission by:

  • Identifying the right strategy for your company
  • Developing a climate action plan based on your situation
  • Streamlining carbon emission data towards one specific platform
  • Increasingly integrating data-driven insights to guide your future decisions.

KPMG is a Salesforce Net Zero Cloud partner and we are able to deliver end-to-end solutions to help you take faster and data-driven climate decisions using Salesforce Net Zero Cloud.