Why technology could be the solution

With the increased focus on how the ESG agenda can be used to further sustainability across sectors and industries, it is important to rethink technology’s role. Technology can be used to change the way an organisation works, so that they can become greener and more sustainable. Further, to drive the ESG agenda it is essential to have the right data that shows what is happening within the organisation, to be able to report and create change.

This can increase an organisation’s ability to optimize emissions and output, as well as in identifying ‘red flags’ for the sustainability agenda throughout the business. However, at KPMG we believe that it is equally as important to understand the ESG impact of our technological solutions – especially rethinking environmental and social responsibility into our technological solutions. 

What services do we offer?

We offer a fitted solution based on a scan off your organisation to find the biggest opportunities and challenges. We also focus on creating a transformative business when it comes to the your data collection and treatment.

This technological transformation is done through the three steps of; a Data Driven Opportunity Assessment, Solution Development, and Implementation. Through this KPMG can help scope ESG data points to allow you to work strategically with the ESG agenda. 

Data Driven Opportunity Assessment
KPMG initiates our ESG technological solutions with an opportunity assessment, designed to map the opportunities and challenges that might exists within your business structure. Similarly, we then assess the level and quality of the existing data. This will result in a catalogue of opportunities that are possible to pursue within your organisation.

Solution Development
Based on the chosen areas from the catalogue, we will develop a solution that measures and gathers on decided ESG data points.

Based on the solution, we will help with the implementation of the new system across your organisation, as we understand that data, processes and people need to work together to ensure success.

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