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KPMG’s strategy advisors help clients identify, value, prioritise, and implement the required changes to their operating model.

Based on our proven “9 Levers of Value” approach, we design key operating revenue control levers from a sound analysis and benchmarking of the business model and the created competitive advantages over existing and, above all, new competitors. This enables us to work with our clients in a relatively short time to deliver significant improvements in results to meet the set financial and return targets.

In addition, we contribute to an improved visibility of operational value drivers, thereby increasing the overall management’s controllability of the business entity. The increasing challenges facing businesses (e.g. digitalisation, regulation, and sector convergence) are forcing management teams to constantly reassess the efficiency and performance of their operating model. Therefore, measures to achieve a short-term impact on results must be balanced with such measures for the long-term giving you a sustainable improvement in your results.

The core question is and always remains whether the organisation is best positioned at an operational level to achieve its financial and return targets and therefore sustainably increase the value of the business entity for the owners.

Different drivers require a critical review of the operating model performance from time to time as well as continuous improvement:

  • Significant changes in the market and competitive environment
  • Low profitability compared to competitors
  • Complex and inefficient structures and processes at the operational level
  • Technological and regulatory requirements

We support our clients in reviewing and adapting their operating model to the corporate strategy by:

  • Developing, evaluating and testing various options to adapt the operating model, especially in the face of disruptive changes in the market and competitive environment
  • Critically and honestly questioning and evaluating strategic decisions already made to counteract the risk of value depreciation where required
  • Identifying, quantifying and prioritising measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs, thus freeing up capital for planned investments
  • Streamlining and harmonising processes, organisational structures, management information systems, decision-making channels and incentive systems
  • Establishing a change programme to successfully implement the required change initiatives

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