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Profitable growth remains the top priority for CEOs. With sometimes aggressive growth strategies, business leaders try to respond to disruptive forces and structural changes (e.g. digitalisation, regulations and sector convergence). But successfully and sustainably implementing growth targets is challenging, and many business entities fail at this.

We have identified the following causes in working with our clients:

  • Unrealistic goals that no strategy can meet from the outset
  • Misjudgement about their perceived existing implementation skills
  • Uncoordinated and disjointed leadership team
  • Lack of stakeholder support
  • Lack of innovation in changing markets and customer needs

Our approach to developing, planning and implementing realistic growth targets answers questions such as:

  • How can you tap into new and profitable revenue streams?
  • How can changing business models be adapted and made usable for your own customer base?
  • How can you quickly break into new markets and customer sectors?
  • How can innovation lead to new revenue potential that can subsequently be marketed for profit?
  • How can you gain new customers and increase customer loyalty?

As a KPMG strategy advisor, together with our clients, we first identify and quantify various growth options as a platform for future business growth. As a next step, these options are prioritised, and a decision is made before an appropriate implementation plan is developed and implemented.

This approach is based on our proven “9 Levers of Value” approach, which ensures an holistic and feasible growth strategy. For our clients, this means:

  • Linking all parts of the business and increasing collaboration within the organisation
  • Increased visibility and knowledge of your own business entity so that investment decisions can be made in a targeted and scalable manner
  • Various growth opportunities through a broad and diversified portfolio of growth options reduce business risk. If one option fails to meet the objectives, the overall growth platform remains robust as a whole
  • A basis for a realistic implementation plan, taking into account the necessary resources and skills as well as the time frame required
  • Growth as an integral part of the organisation or culture
  • Continuous management of growth options as a portfolio of investment opportunities to maintain the momentum of change and progress

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