In view of the ever-increasing emphasis on efficient tax collection, the heightened strictness of inspections  and the intensified cooperation between international tax authorities, the tax status of international, cross-border transactions demands to be carefully assessed.

Our services

  • propose tax-effective international structures and suitable business strategies for the CR and abroad and help you with their implementation
  • advise you on where to establish holdings, intra-group financing or group licensing companies
  • focus on both aggregate withholding taxes (interest, dividends, licensing fees) and the level of taxation in individual countries in our tax-effective structure proposals
  • evaluate both national legislations as well as EU directives applicable to transactions within the EU
  • help you with the tax effects of the presence of Czech companies abroad (as part of construction/installation projects, technology sales, support of international acquisitions) or with the establishment and taxation of permanent establishments abroad
  • focus on transfer pricing issues, i.e. cost and revenue allocations within supply chains or between a company’s Czech headquarters and its foreign permanent establishments
  • offer tax advice on international mergers and acquisitions.