Corporate income tax represents an important part of a company's tax burden. Although the Czech corporate income tax rate is relatively low, the final taxation rate is influenced by a number of other factors. Frequent legislative changes and increasingly stricter inspections by tax authorities may make the final amount of taxes to be paid, including possible sanctions, much higher than you expect.

Our tax team is composed of groups dedicated to individual business fields. We can provide consulting services, specialised, for example, in finance, real estate, manufacturing or the energy sector.


Our services

We can:

  • analyse the tax burden of your entire corporation or of its parts
  • complete and submit your corporate tax return and other required reports to the tax authority, using our own tried and tested methodology and unique software solutions in their preparation
  • calculate your tax liabilities as well as your deferred tax for financial statement purposes
  • come up with financial and tax structures that comply with your requirements, also assessing your company’s compliance with thin capitalisation rules
  • recommend, create, and review internal tax guidelines
  • assess the effectiveness of tax and accounting procedures
  • offer comprehensive accounting, tax and legal advisory services during the establishment or liquidation of a corporate entity
  • alert you to key tax consequences of planned corporate restructurings
  • evaluate an entity’s possible permanent establishment in the Czech Republic or abroad
  • assist you during tax inspections and possible subsequent litigations
  • analyse the impact of Czech and European court decisions on the functioning of your company
  • organise workshops and training courses for your staff on topics of your choosing
    offer continuous tax advisory services through our tax hotline.