Accounting and payroll services

Accounting and payroll services

Our offices in Prague, Brno and České Budějovice can provide managerial and payroll accounting services as well as any related advisory services.

Our offices can provide managerial and payroll accounting services.

We do not only offer standardised products but we also adapt our services to your specific needs. Thus we can help to lower your costs. We can advise you how to best take advantage of your accounting and payroll agenda and how to better manage your business.

We base our managerial reporting services on the function of financial accounting and help to gain as much information as needed for the effective management of a company. We can partially or completely take over your financial accounting agenda and raise its effectiveness with the right
combination of human resources, expert know-how and the appropriate technical equipment.  

You may choose to outsource your entire payroll agenda to us – and let us pay out net salaries or take care of all related administrative matters. We will integrate the payroll agenda into your internal processes which we will fully respect. We can also take care of your top management payroll. 

Our offices also provide a number of administrative support services; for example, the processing of payment orders, invoices and statistical reports. We also can prepare the documentation you need to expense your travel costs.

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