Our guidebook is out, providing international companies with a complete overview of information essential for doing business in the Czech Republic. 

For more than 30 years the Czech Republic has been an attractive market for foreign investors as they can benefit from the geographic location, economic stability and high level of industrialisation. Business leaders appreciate also favourable costs as well as educated workforce and advanced digitalisation. Very supportive business environment and incentives for both R&D and manufacturing are also advantages. This makes the country one of the biggest recipients of investments in the region. These advantages have been acknowledged by the world´s major players who have invested in various facilities throughout the country.

The Czech economy entered 2022 in a strong position, following a significant rebound in 2021. Over the last year, the GDP grew by 3,3% per year. Although, there are new challenges resulting from continued disruptions in the global energy supply chain and raising costs, the characteristic features, such as low unemployment, remain optimistic. The added value of Czech industry and the whole Czech economy has been steadily increasing. The economy is benefitting from high-skilled workforce, large number of university graduates and favorable location.

The success story can be demonstrated in hard data and statistics. The effectiveness of Czech economy have overtaken the south of Europe such as Portugal, Spain of Italy. More of impressive  numbers can be found in this guide.