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With technology integral to business success, demands have increased on the IT function to be a true strategic partner to the organization. IT is expected to deliver an optimal technology strategy and supporting architecture that enables each function to maximize its capabilities and play its part in delivering the overall business strategy.  

Of course, transforming to a modern IT landscape and quickly gaining value from new technology is not simple. Investment should be prioritized, costs have to be managed, and risks must be mitigated. In addition, emerging organizational needs such as facilitating artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and operationalizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agendas are key priorities for the future.  

With our extensive experience in technology strategy development, technology architecture design, IT operating models, and orchestrating functional and technical transformations help provide the skills to support every step, and to help you gain results quickly. 

How we can help you

As you embark on modernization, we can bring our expertise in everything from strategy to architecture and building the foundations of a high performing IT function.

Technology strategy and transformation

As you plan for change, we can frame your strategic intentions, understand current strengths and weaknesses, and determine the future state. We can implement and evolve transformation initiatives to help achieve expected benefits. .

Cloud and IT infrastructure

Drawing on our experience and software alliances, we can help design, build, and migrate to the right cloud platforms for your IT needs. We can evaluate and enhance modern solution development to align with business needs, operational excellence, and enterprise agility. Our holistic approach helps clients enhance their operations with new ways of working to help achieve and sustain real benefits while effectively managing risk.

IT architecture design

To bring your technology strategy to life, we can help align the right IT to your business goals and create a connected ecosystem of software across your functions. Our goal is to help clients connect technology to business value, and see through the complexity of changes needed to achieve target state technology architecture.

IT business management

We can help design and implement a more effective IT operating model, including enhanced service management, asset management, portfolio management, and financial management, as well as to leverage data and analytics for decision making among IT and business leaders.

Our approach

With extensive experience in IT architecture, strategy, and digital transformation, we are here to help modernize your IT capabilities and gain value as quickly as possible. Working with our global organization of KPMG professionals, along with our technology alliances, we help prioritize investments, streamline the costs of technology transformation, and mitigate the risks that come with complex change programs. Importantly, this effort means IT can be in the optimal position to serve as a valued partner to the business. 

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