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Organizations are navigating transformation and growth while facing unprecedented global challenges at an accelerating pace with increasing complexity compounded by knock-on effects. The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, making successful transformation complex. There is a myriad of apps, SaaS and on-premise capabilities, AI capabilities and new technology advances emerging daily. Meanwhile, customers and stakeholders are demanding optimal digital experiences, while cyber security threats are soaring and regulations are changing.

To succeed, organizations need a powerful digital transformation strategy to support their journey. Key to this should be seamlessly integrated technology that delivers insights and resilience – resulting in a true competitive advantage.

This is where KPMG firms’ technology consulting practice, with 20,000+ global technology experts and hundreds of products, solutions and accelerators, can make the difference. With our digital, functional, and industry expertise, coupled with our innovation, and people-centric focus,  we help organizations in every sector capture more value, improve business performance, and increase enterprise flexibility and agility with business-led, insight-driven, digital transformations. We embrace the cloud, deliver cutting-edge data and analytics, and innovate with automation, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and other advances. At every step, we help to mitigate cyber security and privacy risks to help organizations build trust and thrive.

Our technology alliances are central to our success, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, Workday, Coupa, Google, and IBM-Red Hat. We are recognized by top analyst firms for the value we deliver to our clients globally.

How we can help you

KPMG professionals can help you set the vision for the future based your organizational goals, execute digital transformation and deliver managed services. KPMG firms’ technology consulting practices have extensive experience in key technology capability areas and a global delivery network to support your digital transformation.

We offer leading products, solutions, and accelerators to jump start your transformation and help get the best out of the latest technology. Our portfolio is constantly evolving as KPMG makes significant investments in innovation to keep pace with technology advancements and meet our clients’ growing needs.

We offer a broad set of technology services across platforms, cyber, data, AI and emerging technology, cloud, and risk so we can help deliver results that matter. Our alliance partnerships allow us to help solve your most pressing technology-based challenges and offer broad solutions and services via expanded product offerings and increased capabilities.

Our approach

KPMG firms work alongside you to transform your business. We focus on each organization’s unique needs – harnessing the latest technology and our functional and sector expertise help deliver real results. We help to maximize the value of digital transformation journeys and deliver real business outcomes. We bring to every engagement a proven combination of digital experience and our leading technology alliances. Importantly, we are passionate about building trusted client relationships that last. Working with KPMG and modern technologies brings your business the digital skills and timely insights that are vital for efficiency, driving growth, and positioning you to compete in the customer-centric digital economy.


Generative AI models – the risks and potential rewards

KPMG believes that generative artificial intelligence (AI) models have the potential to transform businesses through automating and executing certain tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This is particularly true when human expertise and ingenuity is paired with deep understanding of how to use these programs and effectively harness their capabilities. To discover more about Gen AI and its potential, download our guide.

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