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Cloud transformation is essential to meet today’s business needs, customer demands, ESG agendas, and other challenges. Cloud capabilities enable on-demand scalability, seamless connectivity, and the potential to leverage fast-evolving automation, analytics, and AI.

Whether you are a mature cloud user or early in your journey, you need the right strategy, skill sets, investment, and training to be successful. It can be challenging to know the best path toward change, and how to gain the most from your  cloud investment. KPMG professionals are here to support your transformation at every step.

How we can help you

With a combination of cloud transformation and industry expertise, KPMG professionals can help build your cloud strategy and architecture, undertake app and data modernization, and increase security and resilience – all while helping you to gain return on your investment. 

Cloud strategy

Build a cloud strategy aligned to your business needs to help deliver the benefits you expect. KPMG professionals help with cloud infrastructure assessment, application portfolio analysis, data architecture, risk and regulatory requirements, and more. They can also enable cost visibility and optimization for a sustainable approach.

Cloud platform architecture

Strive to ensure your cloud-based applications and services are scalable, cost-effective, and secure. KPMG professionals help with complexities such as legacy applications, data silos, and hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments.

Cloud app and data modernization

Modernize your data and your applications to help improve the user experience, enable more sophisticated analytics and AI, enhance security, and reduce costs. KPMG professionals help to leverage your cloud technologies and services for the best in application performance, data management, storage, processing, and analytics.

Cloud security and business resilience

Integrate industry leading capabilities for Cloud DevSecOps (Development, Security, and Operations) while strengthening cyber capabilities, data protection, and compliance. KPMG professionals help you establish cloud resilience and business continuity, and enhance cloud license management.

Our approach

As you transform to the cloud, KPMG professionals work with you to help build the right strategy, architecture, and capabilities. They strive to build in resilience, regulatory compliance, and security, while positioning you to leverage the latest in cloud capabilities, data and AI. Drawing on deep industry knowledge, KPMG professionals help ensure that your cloud strategy and processes are optimized to the specific needs of your sector. That way, your transformation has the greatest opportunity to generate outstanding results and value.

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