Industry analysts provide rigorous and objective evaluations of KPMG’s services and solutions. Their research helps clients understand the competitive marketplace, KPMG strengths and how KPMG helps solve challenging issues.

Please read on to learn why KPMG firms have been named a Leader by analysts to help deliver tangible value, with a particular strategic focus to help clients find innovative, technology-driven, industry-tailored solutions.

KPMG Industry analyst recognition

Annually, KPMG is identified as a leader across many key analyst reports that affect clients’ most pressing business challenges.

IDC MarketScape 2021: KPMG recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Worldwide Incident Readiness Services

KPMG has been named a global leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Incident Readiness Services 2021 Vendor Assessment report.

The report notes that KPMG takes a comprehensive approach to cyber incidents through its integrated cyber practice, which provides a range of incident readiness and response services, direction on cyber insurance and exercises for clients to train and test their response capabilities. KPMG is also recognized for being the ‘Leader’ in global incident readiness capabilities.

Based on its analysis of 14 organizations that offer incident readiness services across the globe, the IDC MarketScape report states that, “firms of all sizes that desire to work with a global incident readiness provider with strong digital forensic capabilities should consider KPMG.”

Learn more about KPMG’s Cyber Security Services.

KPMG named a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Consulting Providers in Asia Pacific, Q4 2021

KPMG is cited as a leader among Cybersecurity Consulting Providers in APAC and was noted for demonstrating intimate knowledge of the diversity of customer needs, and for differentiating with pragmatism and a deep focus on APAC customers. “KPMG firms’ clients are accelerating their digital and cloud transformation journeys, significantly increasing the complexity of their technology footprint through the use of third-party service providers. That makes the recognition all the more significant as cyber security continues to rapidly evolve with new threats and opportunities.”  Matt O’Keefe, Head of Cyber Security, KPMG Asia Pacific. Read the Forrester Wave here.


Q4 2021 Report

KPMG named a “Leader” in The Forrester WaveTM: Data Management Service Providers, Q4 2021

The Forrester Wave:TM Data Management Service Q4 2021 report calls KPMG a “leader”, with high scores for data governance, training and literacy, data integration, community, and business impact offerings. Read the Forrester Wave here.

"Organizations seeking a partner that has a strong methodology to connect data to process and decision flows will find that KPMG is exceptional in this approach and will help them with its unique but pragmatic strategy and services."

Learn more about KPMG’s services at Data, AI & emerging technologies.

Forrester Wave Data Management Service Providers Q4 21

Source Global Research study: KPMG brand ranking number one among risk firms 2021

KPMG ranked number one for ‘current brand score’ among risk advisory firms in Source Global Research’s latest report, Perceptions of Risk Firms in 2021. KPMG received the highest score of the 16 vendors evaluated in this category — a high achievement determined by clients and prospects alone. This ranking is based on mindshare, our level of credibility, authority, and competitive resilience — and topping this ranking recognizes our brand as the strongest in clients’ minds today.

Other first place rankings among risk firms include: Quality of security services, Quality of governance and compliance services, Quality of responding to regulation services, Future readiness, Mindshare, Awareness, Unaided awareness, Relevance, Credibility and Authority. 

For more information visit: Risk consulting and Cyber Security Services.

IDC MarketScape 2021: KPMG recognized as a Leader in Worldwide Microsoft Implementation Services

KPMG placed in the Leaders category in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Microsoft Implementation Services 2021 Vendor Assessment. The assessment recognizes KPMG firms for taking a business-led, technology-enabled approach to help transform companies in the areas most critical to their ongoing sustainable success, and for working with Microsoft to provide end-to-end transformation services across the entire cloud life cycle.

According to the 2021 IDC MarketScape Report, “Buyers rate KPMG highly for its ability to meet project timelines and handle changes in project scope and for its thought leadership around the Microsoft platform.”

Based on IDC’s Global Microsoft Implementation Services Buyer Perception Survey feedback from 66 of the evaluated vendors’ customers, the most critical business priority was to improve operational efficiency, while the most critical vendor attribute was to achieve desired business outcomes. Learn more about KPMG’s alliance with Microsoft.

HFS Research: KPMG named an HFS Top 10 Workday Financial Management Service provider 2021

The HFS report notes KPMG as an established brand in finance with industry sector strength. “As a Big 4 Accounting and consulting provider, KPMG has an established brand in finance. Its relationships with CFOs lend it increased credibility to deliver Workday Financial Management (FM) engagements. KPMG also leverages finance transformation and supply chain management experts from across the company to bolster its Workday FM capabilities.”

KPMG was also named #2 for Voice of the Customer. “Clients commend KPMG for its geographical footprint and scale, understanding of business value, KPMG ranked in the top here in the voice of the customer feedback in this research.”

Learn more about KPMG’s alliance with Workday.

KPMG Workday Financial Management Services badge

IDC MarketScape 2021: KPMG is named a Leader in Asia/Pacific Intelligent Automation Services

KPMG has been recognized as a Leader for Intelligent Automation in the new IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific Intelligent Automation Services 2021 vendor assessment report.

The report notes that KPMG’s “pedigree as a large-scale advisory and IT implementation services provider across several countries in the Asia/Pacific region allows it the opportunity to both lead complex regional automation initiatives and scale automation adoption among its customers.”

Based on its analysis of 15 Intelligent Automation services providers with regional scale and broad portfolios, the report offers this advice to today’s businesses: “Consider KPMG when you intend to adopt an advisory-led approach toward an enterprise-wide, standardized and consistent scaling of automation across several business functions.” Please click here for more information: Trends in artificial intelligence - KPMG Global (

KPMG rated internationally as most familiar brand for Energy and Resources consulting

KPMG has achieved the top score in an international study of brand recognition among Energy & Resources consulting firms conducted by Source Global Research.

In a global survey of 238 energy and resources clients and prospects, KPMG ranked top for aided awareness. The study, carried out by Source Global Research, asked participants to select three brands from a list of the world’s top 15 consulting organizations that they would be most comfortable talking about in more detail. Each organization was then also scored on how quickly it takes to fill a quota of responses.

The research is seen as a key measurement of brand recognition, with KPMG steadily rising from ninth in 2018 to third in 2020 and first this year.

Learn more about how KPMG helps Energy and Natural Resources clients globally.

IDC MarketScape 2021: KPMG recognized as a worldwide Leader in Digital Strategy Consulting

KPMG has been named a global market Leader for Digital Strategy Consulting services in a 2021 IDC MarketScape report.

The report states: “KPMG is a good choice for organizations looking for a strong consulting partner to help them drive challenging organizational and people change.” IDC adds that “on average, the three areas where KPMG clients surveyed commended the firm most highly were for ability to drive measurable business value, people quality and driving cultural transformation.”

IDC MarketScape’s assessment analyzed the capabilities and business strategies of 13 prominent global providers of Digital Strategy Consulting Services. See how KPMG helps clients on their digital transformation journeys.

KPMG named “Leader” in The Forrester Wave: AI Consultancies Q1 2021

The Forrester Wave:TM AI Consultancies Q1 2021 report calls KPMG a global leader among Artificial Intelligence service providers and “the master of AI for business transparency, automation, auditability and risk,” giving high scores for Delivery, Business Model, Partner Ecosystem and Global Customers.

“KPMG is unique in recognizing how the core business for finance and risk management translates into a bedrock of AI services, platforms, solutions and tools,” the Forrester report states. “Proven frameworks from audit and security practice areas combine with AI to embed context and expertise into solutions at the start. This translates into consistent and strong client feedback of engagements exceeding expectations.”

The Forrester Wave: AI Consultancies Q1 2021

IDC MarketScape: Canadian Cloud Professional Services 2021

KPMG in Canada has been named as a Leader for Canadian Cloud Professional Services by the IDC MarketScape.

The report found “KPMG's differentiation in cloud professional services is its deep business domain and industry expertise it brings to ensure the client's strategic imperative of digital transformation is achieved using cloud. Its expertise in managing risk complements the cloud transformation and draws in its cybersecurity practice.”

The IDC MarketScape analyzed 10 key service providers that support clients' use of private and hybrid cloud computing environments and public cloud services, specifically infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). For more information visit the Cloud services webpage.

HFS Research: KPMG is recognized as a global leader in Employee Experience Services 2020 for HR Transformation and Strategy

KPMG has been recognized as a global leader and top three providers in the space in the “Employee Experience Services 2020 for HR Transformation and Strategy” report by HFS Research Ltd. The report assesses how consulting and service providers are evolving their practices to support the rapidly changing dynamics of employee experience and HR services. Read the report here (PDF 14.2 MB).

Employee experience services

HFS Research: KPMG is recognized as a global leader in Triple-A Trifecta Services 2020

KPMG is on the podium for HFS Top 10 Triple-A Trifecta Services 2020 (PDF 14.9 MB) and is a “Consulting-led Triple-A Trifecta transformation leader with strong investment in digital innovation.”

KPMG received high scores for “Ability to deliver business transformation,” “Innovation capability,” and “Strategy and vision.” The report called out the strength of KPMG Global Lighthouse’s transformation approach and collaboration with partners to integrate automation, AI, and smart analytics into client offerings, enabled by Connected Enterprise, Powered Enterprise, and Trusted Enterprise.

“KPMG’s digital framework enables end-to-end management from strategy to implementation, including operational architecture, digital architecture, and governance…It follows a business-first perspective to solve a client's challenges to deliver business value around growth, risk, quality, and efficiency, creating an enhanced customer experience.”

HFS Research assessed 21 service providers’ effective use of three critical change agents in concert—automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart analytics—to create powerful business outcomes and scalable, end-to-end digital transformation for clients. Look to this page for more information on KPMG’s offerings.

Data, AI & emerging technologies

Triple-A Trifecta Services

KPMG named a Leader in The Forrester New WaveTM: RPA Service Providers In Healthcare, Q3 2020

Forrester distinguishes KPMG as a “Leader” in The Forrester New Wave™: RPA Service Providers In Healthcare, Q3 2020. This recognition comes in light of a focused approach to differentiating our HCLS automation capabilities by building strong relationships with key industry incumbents. Click here for full report.

A reference quoted “KPMG train in a way that supports distributed citizen developers within the business units very well. The training goes beyond ‘this is how to use RPA’ and presents our automation policies as well”. Please see this link for more information on the Healthcare practice.

KPMG named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Process Automation Service Providers, Q3 2020.

KPMG earns a position as a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave DPA report, noted for highly rated design services, clients who benefit from a wide array of initiatives. KPMG also excelled in wide technology deployment and process discovery at scale. Forrester Research's Q3 2020 report cited “KPMG's strategy expertise gets backing from broad capabilities to support DPA. KPMG leads clients in identifying and aligning with critical business objectives. As KPMG moves from strategy to execution, it brings a forward-looking viewpoint on the need for adaptable technology and use of low code for core modernization.” The report also states that KPMG’s “early and aggressive investment in low-code tools and methodologies to augment traditional DPA supports this approach by driving more rapid and agile development.” See full report here.

Low-code development and digital process automation (DPA) platforms are crucial foundations for business and play a critical role in driving digital transformation. According to the Forrester report, “strategy, process discovery/analysis, and citizen development support are key differentiators. As the scale and complexity of process automation needs increase, organizations look to support from service providers. Vendors that can provide strategic consulting and process discovery and support citizen-led application development successfully deliver process automation to their customers”. Look here for more information on KPMG’s offerings.

Infographic- The Forrester Wave

KPMG named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Insights Service Providers, Q2 2020

KPMG secures a position in the leaders’ section in the Forrester Wave Enterprise Services Providers report, receiving its highest scores in the current offering category in the criteria of Current Partner Ecosystem, Business & Advisory Services, and Analytics & AI Services. Forrester Research's Q2 2020 report cited “KPMG’s investigative precision drives insight innovation…. Its data partners contribute to a Signals Repository, offering a wealth of prederived insights that are available to consultants and clients as part of services or direct access via API…KPMG is a compelling option for engagements requiring a skilled partner to help sniff out fraud, revenue leakage, and opportunities across use cases.” Click here for full report.

The power and functionality available from today’s analytics and AI services can significantly transform organizations business processes putting them in a stronger position for future growth. KPMG professionals are focused on helping clients to be competitive and compliant throughout their digital transformation. We offer specialized technical capabilities in data, artificial intelligence and emerging technology that differentiate our offerings and address client issues through a mix of proprietary and alliance platforms, solutions, process capabilities. For more information visit the Data, AI & emerging technologies webpage.

KPMG named a leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide, Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific Business Consulting Services 2020 Vendor Assessments

A broad, multidisciplinary approach to business consulting helps clients innovate and transform.

Organizations around the world count on KPMG’s global network to help them solve their most complex business challenges, from improving performance to optimizing risk, and from restructuring operations to seizing new growth opportunities. A consistent approach and set of methodologies for solutions serves clients around the world. See how KPMG helps clients solve their biggest business challenges on the Advisory webpage.

KPMG a leader in IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Business & Industrial IoT Consulting and Systems Integration Services 2020

IoT solutions leverage devices, data, analytics, and automation to power insights, fuel growth, and improve customer experience. KPMG helps clients realize the value of IoT across the management consulting, risk, and tax practices.

Ensuring the proper set of capabilities align with your unique business challenges is anything but straight forward with a myriad of infrastructure, platforms, and application choices. A clear path to unite these technologies requires a properly formulated plan from business case to requirements to design and implementation. KPMG can help your business develop a sensible approach to harness the power of IoT.

KPMG US - read more

KPMG Australia - read more

IDC MarketScape Worldwide Intelligent Automation Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

KPMG named a leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Intelligent Automation Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

Intelligent automation technologies are redefining value creation and reshaping the way organizations do business.

Businesses around the world count on KPMG’s global network to help build intelligent automation solutions that unlock the value of a continuum of technologies (ranging from simplistic process automation to advanced cognitive applications). And this has allowed our clients to accelerate their automation, cost management, growth, and customer engagement strategies as well as their risk and regulatory policies.

Our professionals help organizations leverage intelligent automation to drive value across the value chain.

Past evaluations and recognition

KPMG named a leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide, Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific Business Consulting Services 2020 Vendor Assessments

Q2 2020

A broad, multidisciplinary approach to business consulting helps clients innovate and transform.

Organizations around the world count on KPMG’s global network to help them solve their most complex business challenges, from improving performance to optimizing risk, and from restructuring operations to seizing new growth opportunities. A consistent approach and set of methodologies for solutions serves clients around the world. See how KPMG helps clients solve their biggest business challenges.

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Cyber Security Consulting

Q1 2020

KPMG has been recognized by ALM Intelligence report as a global ‘Leader’ for its Cyber Security Consulting services and capabilities. KPMG’s Cyber Security practice is cited as taking a “holistic, proactive, approach to interacting with clients to create client-centric solutions in an environment of co-creation of business-savvy cyber including assessment to create change, engineers or technical aspects and implementation,” wrote the report’s authors.

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Service Operation Consulting

Q3 2019

KPMG’s Connected Enterprise framework received substantial praise. In addressing KPMG’s operating system, the report states, “KPMG continues to invest in its Connected Enterprise framework with proven results, as clients enjoy increased transparency and cohesiveness across the front- middle-, and back-office of customer experience capabilities. This approach significantly improves data flow across the enterprise, creating insights for further operational improvements that ultimately improve customer journeys.”

Read more ›

HFS Top 10 Report: KPMG International named a top two global provider of Google Cloud AI services

Q3 2019

Underpinning KPMG’s #2 position, the report commends KPMG as a consulting leader that has gone “all in” on its alliance with Google Cloud, setting up a global Google Cloud Innovation Lab dedicated to experimenting and innovating with Google Cloud products. The lab both tests and co-builds new Google Cloud products and solutions. KPMG and Google Cloud have selected the financial services, healthcare, and life sciences industry verticals to co-develop solutions.”

Read more ›

HFS Top 10 Report: KPMG ranked #2 among the top 10 leading Microsoft AI service providers

Q1 2019

HFS’s evaluation includes praise for KPMG as a "consulting leader using its domain knowledge to collaborate with Microsoft on AI" as well as having a strategic vision for AI. “KPMG is very aware of AI’s benefits and nascence, and it is determined not to sell AI to clients without getting them to see the bigger picture around the technology.” KPMG also is called out for Driving market education for Microsoft AI and as a critical partner for Microsoft’s AI strategy. “The KPMG-Microsoft alliance is moving the needle on multiple aspects of Microsoft AI adoption, and the technology giant considers KPMG as a strategic partner for its success.”

Read more ›

Forrester New Wave™: KPMG a leading Workday Implementation Partner

Q3 2019

KPMG has received a Leader ranking among Workday Implementation Partners in The Forrester New Wave™: Workday Implementation Partners, Q3 2019 report. Noted among three service providers KPMG excels at business transformation — with depth in both finance and HR, according to the report’s authors. The report also noted, “KPMG puts its Powered Enterprise approach front and center to significantly reduce the time and risk of a Workday rollout while maximizing results.”

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Workforce Management Consulting

Q3 2019

KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Workforce Management consulting services. KPMG is highlighted as best in class for external market insight, noting that “KPMG brings an informed, outside-in point of view on workforce management in its “Future of….” series that deconstructs the signals of change, analyzes their impact on the future of work, and proposes meaningful roadmaps for action. According to analyst Liz DeVito, “KPMG also stands out for its firm grasp of the trends that are reshaping the organization and its workforce.” In speaking with clients, DeVito learned that “KPMG has a singular ability for visioning future state organizations and providing practical advice about mapping a path to the future.”

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Communications & Change Management Consulting

Q3 2019

KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Communications & Change Management consulting services. Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence, cites KPMG’s Enabling Tools as ‘Best in Class,’ noting that “KPMG continues to aggressively invest in developing a broad suite of change management tools, methods, and playbooks that align with its guiding methodology for making change real and impactful.”

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Finance Operations Consulting

Q1 2019

KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Finance Operations consulting services. The analyst, Tomek Jankowski, says "KPMG provides an end-to-end technology-enabled (but business-led) strategy-to implementation transformation offering around finance operations. KPMG also has a particular strength in providing dynamic, customized solutions for difficult, complex projects across geographies, and has proven itself very process-oriented…KPMG has also been ramping up its SaaS and managed services offering, and has built what it calls KPMG Powered Finance." He concludes that KPMG is "Best in Class" for "Management System."

Read more ›

The Forrester Wave™: KPMG is a leading Global Cybersecurity Services firm

Q2 2019

Forrester awarded KPMG the highest possible scores in the criteria of business acumen; security strategy consulting capabilities; and governance, risk & compliance capabilities. According to the Forrester report, KPMG consistently advances three messages: “1) Cyber security helps businesses grow; 2) Cyber security problems now require multidisciplinary expertise; and 3) Cyber security protects core business functions.” The report continues that “KPMG doesn’t just say those things in its marketing; it infuses those themes into its cyber security services portfolio.”"

Read more ›

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard Leader in HR Operations Consulting

Q1 2019

KPMG has been recognized in a recent ALM Intelligence report as a global ‘Leader’ for its HR Operations consulting services and capabilities. ALM’s Vanguard report assessing consulting-services providers cites KPMG’s uniquely differentiated approach to reinventing HR based on the concepts, frameworks, and personas introduced in its Future of HR campaign.

“KPMG gains ground on the strength of its Future of HR campaign that provides a coherent approach to prioritizing and sequencing the phases of an HR transformation and enhancements to Powered Enterprise that incorporate intelligent automation and target operating model innovations,” says Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence.

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ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard Leader in Supply Chain Planning

Q1 2019

KPMG has been named a leading global service provider for Supply Chain Planning consulting services in a new ALM Intelligence report. KPMG was ranked ‘Best in Class’ for Needs Assessment and Project Management and ranked ‘strong’ for its Operating System and Management System capabilities. The report notes that ‘Best in Class’ firms “evidence deep capabilities in specific areas of supply chain planning consulting and stand out from their peers for their highly effective and often innovative consulting approaches and service delivery.”

Read more ›

KPMG's Global Analyst Relations team works with the industry analyst community to help them understand KPMG's vision, offerings, and capabilities and how these can deliver value to our clients. We also strive to bring insights and data from the analyst community into our business. We believe that objective, third-party insight and active dialogue with experts, practitioners and clients is critical for a healthy marketplace.

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