Turn data into insights and intelligence into value

Trust is at the core of data-driven technologies. In an era of rapid change, what are you doing to protect your data, algorithms and insights you rely on to improve your organization?

Do you trust that your organization is:

  • Staying abreast, and ideally ahead of the latest technologies?
  • Enhancing the true value new technologies can provide using - and for - your data?
  • Considering the right talent pools with diverse capabilities to unlock value?
  • Making the right investments in artificial intelligence to truly bring your data to life and improve your customer experiences, remain
    competitive and drive cost efficient growth?

Why us?

With a network of over 14,000 data and technology professionals in various KPMG member firms – including leading data scientists and engineers – and alliances with some of the top global technology providers, our Canadian cross-functional team (including KPMG Lighthouse, our centre of excellence for data, AI and exponential technologies) leverages the latest data, analytics, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence technologies to help build and deliver solutions for your unique business needs.

KPMG’s digital framework enables end-to-end management from strategy to implementation, including operational architecture, digital architecture, and governance.

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Transforming your enterprise

Bringing your data to life

Data and analytics

We help you unlock the value of your data, which can enable you to make better, faster, and more confident business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

We understand that AI alone will not transform the enterprise. By using analytics, automation and talent to build AI, we help organizations make it useful and valued.

Intelligent Automation

Our IA technologies can simplify processes, accelerate services and free up time for employees to deliver on other impactful projects.


Connect with one of our leaders and discover how you can bring your data to life.