Communications infrastructure is an important element of an effective functioning economy and staying updated is a challenge for telecom sector.

Communications infrastructure is an important element of an effective functioning economy

The Telecommunication sector is undergoing a huge transformation in most market places, driven by changing consumer behaviour, technological change, regulation, and M&A activity. Increasing competition and falling tariffs for traditional services, reduced network investments and the rise of digital media and mobile technology mean that telecom operators need to revisit their business models and service offerings to adapt.

These challenges, however, bring some exciting opportunities: exploring Big Data to promote digital marketing strategies and create new revenue streams; diversifying product portfolios and capitalising on bundled offerings; exploiting existing infrastructure and distribution networks to enhance cross-selling activities; joint ventures; and Next Generation Networks (NGN) which will drive innovation even further.

KPMG provides services to the leading telecommunication operators in Bulgaria. With an experienced team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the industry trends and regulatory requirements coupled with substantial practical experience, KPMG can offer a range of professional services to support clients' business needs and help them address their specific issues in the challenging market environment.

How can we help?

KPMG's Telecommunications experts support clients by: 

  • Helping with cost reduction through focused efficiency and optimisation initiatives  
  • Advising on outsourcing of non-core operations to reduce costs  
  • Enhancing customer value management 
  • Due diligence on potential acquisitions 
  • Advising on tax implications of specific activities 
  • Regulatory compliance services  
  • Revenue assurance services  
  • Operational processes optimisation 
  • Asset life cycle management software solutions implementation