Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate has become a global asset class. Lenders have returned to the market and demand is up but the sector is not without risk.

Real estate has become a global asset class.

The real estate market in Bulgaria gained momentum in 2006 – 2007, when the rapid market development attracted considerable foreign investments in the country, both speculative and green-field. The economic recession in 2008 – 2010, however, reduced that momentum.

Now, the real estate market in Bulgaria is gradually reaching maturity. Despite the improving investment activity in 2014, the sector is still facing challenges. The financing institutions and banks are managing their portfolios of repossessed distressed assets while local, rather than international investors are driving the transaction volume uptake.

KPMG can offer a range of services to all stakeholders throughout the industry – from investors and owners to banks and pension and insurance funds. 

How we can help 

We are involved in every stage of the asset and investment lifecycle and offer bespoke local and international experience. Our knowledgeable real estate professionals focus on providing seasoned perspectives and solutions.

Our services include:  

  • Property valuation   
  • Valuation of real estate portfolios  
  • Valuation of real estate companies   
  • Purchase price allocation for real estate companies  
  • Impairment testing  
  • Distressed real estate   
  • Real estate transaction advisory  
  • Real estate project finance  
  • Independent business review  
  • Tax and legal advice   
  • Audit  
  • Bookkeeping