Life Sciences

Life Sciences

KPMG is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes from biotechnology start-ups to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Life Sciences is dedicated to working with internationally leading organizations...

The Life Sciences sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, plant sciences and animal health, is one of the leading and fastest growing sectors of the Bulgarian economy. It is characterised by high quality production at competitive prices.

Since Bulgaria’s European Union accession in January 2007, the Bulgarian pharmaceutical legislation has been harmonised with the EU regulations in the field. Bulgarian manufacturers are continuously making significant investments in modernisation of their production facilities.

KPMG has had a long and enduring commitment to this sector by serving clients with a combination of deep technical knowledge and broad insight into industry specifics. Our services are designed to help companies to enhance their competitive positioning in this fast-changing and intensely global industry.

KPMG offers its pharmaceutical clients a very broad range of advisory and tax consulting services, independent audit and accounting services. Most importantly, KPMG professionals who serve our clients continually strive to refine and share our knowledge of current issues, leading practices, and developing trends as part of the service.

How we can help 

Our focus is on working with clients to understand their specific needs and to engage the relevant professionals to help our clients achieve their goals. 

The main services we offer include:  

  • Services to help improve business performance 
  • Services to help with IT planning, risk management and controls 
  • Services to help clients manage risk and compliance with regulations and third-party contracts; address fraud, abuse, and misconduct via investigations, proactive planning, and litigation support  
  • Services to help clients evaluate and conduct potential transactions (merger, divestiture, exit, or alliance) 
  • Services to help with tax compliance matters 
  • Audit services 


KPMG approaches each organisation with a passion to understand the company’s current and emerging business risks and opportunities. Our goal is to help clients address their most pressing needs now, with an understanding of the broader context for the future. To serve each client, KPMG selects a team of professionals who can offer the right combination of experience in the Life Sciences sector and technical knowledge in the relevant areas. The KPMG team brings a practical approach to helping clients deal with strategic, tactical, and technical issues.