Organizations all over the world are changing the way they do business, they fulfill their missions, and they respond to emerging threats. By implementing new data and digital platforms, organizations can deliver new digital services and modernize their legacy systems – which tends to be critical to drive digital transformations. However, with these advantages come technological challenges. Organizations must be able to respond to emerging threats rapidly and easily, while still making sense of massive amounts of data coming in from all over the world.

Digital Solution Architecture at KPMG is a modern business and technology architecture practice that is driven by customer experience and emerging technologies. Our main objective is to provide the technical support to drive digital transformation through designing and delivering next generation architectures.

It's not the technology that's transforming, it's the technology that's transforming you.



The role of technology has shifted greatly. The pressure on organizations is growing to deliver a modern, adaptable architecture to meet the ever-increasing demands for data- and digital transformations. Yet at the same time, organizations are often confronted with the reality of their current technology landscape; fragmentation, data silos, legacy systems, and many other challenges.

Some organizations have already started to address these new needs with new technologies such as data lakes, data hubs, streaming services, and other new technologies. These new technical additions have increased the complexity of data architectures immensely and can be a big burden for organizations to continuously develop new capabilities, while at the same time maintaining and managing the complexity of their existing infrastructure.

As an organization, you need a lot of know-how to modernize your technology landscape. It is hard to select best fit-for-purpose architectures, technologies, and platforms to evolve your landscape to one that can meet the rising business needs for agility & innovation.


How we can help

At KPMG, we have all the right capabilities and expertise to solve your challenges around digital and data platforms to drive your transformation. We combine the practical knowledge of our technical experts – ranging from enterprise architects to various types of data- & software engineers or data scientists together with our KPMG business functional experts. Together with your team, starting from your current situation & complexities, we help design and build digital platforms to compete with digital native companies.

We have extensive experience of bringing multi-functional teams together to deliver business value-driven solutions for our client’s challenges. Our approach embraces continuous change by establishing adaptable business capabilities, combined with flexibility in the realizing technology and data. By decoupling the data-, technology-, and business layers, organizations can accelerate the delivery of new digital services, reduce IT costs and complexity, and have alignment between business and IT.


Data Architecture

Organizations are generating more data than ever before, but struggle with tapping into the full potential of its information assets. We design fit-for-purpose data architectures leveraging the latest technologies and concepts such as data lakes, streaming analytics, and data meshes. KPMG Lighthouse experts in Data & AI help you design and build the data-driven platforms creating value for your organization.

Next step after application architecture is the development …

Relies mainly on cloud native technologies :

  • Containerization
  • Cognititive services
  • API Management
  • Large data storage
  • Messaging and integration

Scalable solutions.

Java, .NET, python, ..

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DevOps and Agile Software Development

Organizations are rapidly adopting agile methodologies. KPMG is there to assist them in this agile transformation and adopting DevOps practices. We help set-up DevOps operating models, including the design and building of DevOps and Agile Software development pipelines and automated testing to ensure the optimal delivery of digital solutions.

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DataOps and MLOps

Do not just automate the deployment of your data platform. Automate the deployment of data models, data pipelines and machine learning pipelines. Like DevOps, DataOps leverages the concepts of continuous integration, -deployment, -testing, and -monitoring to automate activities from data engineers and -scientists.


Supporting Technologies

Google cloud platform
Apache Kafka
Apache Spark